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What Bill Murray Day Looks Like To Bill Murray

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | September 5, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | September 5, 2014 |

As you may know by now, today was officially dubbed Bill Murray Day in Toronto, where Murray himself happens to be because of the film festival going on there. For those who are curious, here is what Bill Murray Day would look like for you, if you were lucky enough to have been born Bill Murray:

You can say and do whatever the hell you want.
During a Q&A, Murray accidentally referred to a larger woman as a “full figured gentleman*” and, according to accounts, she did not mind one bit. Murray told her, by way of explanation, “You’re just bringing more to the party, as far as I’m concerned.” And apparently she still wasn’t offended. Because it’s Bill Murray Day, and she was talking to Bill Murray.

He was also reluctant to promote any of the films her was at the festival specifically to promote. Eventually he managed to say, “This one’s called St. Vincent. It’s directed by Ted Melfi — who’s nobody. It’s his first film. He wrote it and directed it and he’s done a wonderful job with it.” Honesty. It’s what this holiday is about.

Also, no one has mentioned it yet, but I imagine this happened:

And probably also this, at least once:

*I’m not sure if those are Murray’s words or Variety’s, but either way it’s pretty weird, no?

You get to wear a crown. Or whatever your version of a crown happens to be.
Murray showed up to events wearing a hunting cap. Because of course he did.

Other important notes from that short video: If you are Bill Murray, you do not have to stand still or EVER pretend like you’re having a good time.

You get whatever entrance music you want.
Murray chose Prince’s “Raspberry Beret.” And he sang along. Also, the audience gave him gifts, such as hand-drawn portraits and roses. Seriously.

You get all the perks.
The first thing Bill said when asked how it felt to have his own day was “I get to park anywhere.” Atta boy.

People dress as you. A lot of youse.
For a contest to win passes to St. Vincent (and the acknowledgement of Bill Murray), a lot of people dressed up.

Some of the ambitious outfits on offer referenced Murray’s performances in Broken Flowers (a black-and-red sweatsuit and a withered bouquet), Space Jam (a Tune Squad tank top) and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (a red knit cap and a striped shirt with epaulettes).
But the costume Murray focused on was a baby dressed as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, deadpanning “That is one good-looking baby.” He also called on the baby during the Q&A with, “Yes, the young man in white with stripes and big muscles?”

In all, today would not have been too shabby if you had been born Bill Murray. I’d like to propose that the US also adopt this as a high holy day. Of course, in a perfect world, we’d all live every day like it’s Bill Murray Day.


Via Variety.

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