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‘We Ride at Dawn’ Comedian Hannah Berner Is the Most Annoying Girl You Know

By Emma Chance | Celebrity | July 9, 2024 |

By Emma Chance | Celebrity | July 9, 2024 |


If you’ve never heard of Hannah Berner, you’ve probably never seen Summer House or scrolled TikTok until your retinas bled, so I salute you. If you have heard of Hannah Berner, you’re probably not her biggest fan.

32-year-old Berner was on SH for three seasons, during which she made enemies of almost everyone, except Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller, the former being the co-host of her podcast, Giggly Squad. Her trajectory was that of former tennis pro turned podcaster turned stand-up comedian, which is how she met her now-husband, 48-year-old comedian Des Bishop. She exited the show in a puddle of tears in 2021.

“I’ve always really liked reality TV, but doing it left a bad taste in my mouth,” Berner says. She stumbled into stand-up when she did a live recording of her then-podcast, Berning in Hell at a comedy club.

“I did 10 minutes of stand-up, which you’re not supposed to do in front of 300 people your first time. But ignorance is bliss. At the end of the show, my reality TV friends were like, ‘Oooh, that’s what you’re meant to do.’”

She has a Netflix special, We Ride at Dawn, dropping today, which covers “her mental health, her older husband…unrealistic sex scenes in movies and other hot takes about pop culture.” She describes her sense of humor as “female locker room, where the girls are like, ‘Thank God she’s saying these things,’ and the men are like, ‘I actually learned some stuff.’” Translation: she’s the most annoying girl you went to high school with, the one who said she didn’t identify as a “girl’s girl” because “girls love drama” and “boys are so much more chill.”

As for her time on reality TV and how it prepared her for stand-up, she said, “Reality TV helped me get my launch into people knowing who I am.” So she did it for the followers; at least she admits it. “It’s an example of ‘Put yourself in different situations, take what you like from it, and then move on.’ I like feeling like myself in front of the camera. I started posting raw stuff on TikTok after reality TV, because I’m like, ‘What’s the most unfiltered, unedited thing I could put into the universe?’ If I didn’t do reality TV, I don’t know if I would have gotten into stand-up.”

She added she would “definitely” return to reality “As long as it isn’t a show that, like, hurts people’s lives.”

“I love showing people being multifaceted and the strengths and weaknesses of humans in a more developed way. Sometimes in reality TV, you get put into one character. It’s not always realistic.”

She stopped just short of saying she got edited into a character she didn’t like on Summer House, which was a gaslighting, selfish mess, and that’s why I don’t believe her even a little bit about returning.