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Want to Know What Makes Charlize Theron Feel Like a Loser?

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | April 30, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | April 30, 2019 |


I imagine on most days, Charlize Theron wakes up thinking it’s good to be her. After all, we mere mortals did not co-star in That Thing You Do, and that is enough recognition to coast by for a lifetime, don’t you think?

Well, friends, just like foretelling winning lotto tickets by asking the 8-year-olds who ride bikes on my street and talk about Fortnite (a lot) what numbers sound good to them, this too was a mistaken assumption on my part. Because Charlize Theron sometimes feels like a loser. Hey, me too! Stars, they’re just like us!

So what makes Charlize feel like a loser?

Well, surprisingly, she has a specific thing, and it’s not not winning the lottery. Nope, friends, Charlize Theron says the third act of romance movies make her feel like a loser.

All I can say is, join the club.


The 43-year-old actress opened up about struggling with the message most romantic comedies give audiences during an interview with the Press Association via the Irish Examiner.

“I struggle with that sometimes in romantic comedies, I feel like I’m the only loser who has never experienced the third act of most romantic comedy and it just makes me feel very bitter,” she said jokingly as her costar Seth Rogen laughed alongside her.

I mean…yeah. Who is single and doesn’t feel that way from time to time? Certainly not me! Looks like Charlize and I have two things in common now. (The first is that we both, presumably, have an intense dislike for Sean Penn.)

So, these comments came out in relation to Charlize hitting the press circuit for her newest romcom Long Shot, which looks like an enjoyable enough way to burn an AMC A-list movie ticket on, but there’s probably some truth to the situation and not just a kicky way to drum up interest for a movie she’s promoting. Being single is fun a lot of the time but it can also suck. Primarily when you realize you’re covering all of the household bills yourself, or you need a ride home from the airport. So I get it.

I also get that movies put some unrealistic expectations on relationships, and while it would be nice to get to live out the third act of a romance movie, it would probably be even better to live out the third act of a fantasy movie like Jupiter Ascending because by that point you’re coming into your destiny, you’ve accepted that you’re intergalactic royalty, and you’re starting to fall in love with the dog-man hybrid. As an added bonus, Eddie Redmayne is in his full honking glory by then, too.


Anyway, I guess the point of this is—if you’re sitting around tonight lamenting that you’re single, just know that you’re in good company with Charlize Theron, too. Although being single means you can re-watch Jupiter Ascending as many times as you please without anyone saying anything, so clearly it’s not all bad.


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