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Twitter Meltdowns: Ruining Your Favorite Actors for You Since 2006

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | February 24, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | February 24, 2014 |

There are some celebrities who, the more you know about them as actual people, the more you like them. We see this in every interview with JLaw EVER. I always think I’ve reached my limit of adoration for Patrick Stewart, but then he goes and posts something hilarious on Twitter. Hell, even January Jones is cutting through her ice facade with her new Instagram account.

And then there are the others. The actors and musicians whose public personas you avoid like True Detective spoilers, lest they smear personality poop stains all over their work, leaving you unable to ever enjoy them again.

At the top of that list is Adam Baldwin, everyone’s dream bunkmate, who spends his spare time making horrible homophobic comments like this.

After that turd dropped, an online writer named Tim Peacock tried to get TNT involved, and thus began an all-day shit storm.

Baldwin, in turn, responded with shouts of “I know you are, but what am I?”
baldwin.png lies.png

And then Nick Searcy showed up with some words of wisdom.

Just kidding. He went this route instead.

Searcy may play Raylan’s father-figure on Jusitifed, but in real life he’s apparently that kid that used to push you off the swings in elementary school.

This continued basically all day.

And when someone has the audacity to not know who Searcy is,

Which leads to this:

Eventually Peacock “disengaged,” which seems to mean he moved to tweeting ABOUT Searcy and Baldwin, instead of AT them. He did a write-up of the whole (very very long) exchange, which you can read here if you decide your brain needs to be punished for something.

Taking a look at Searcy’s Twitter page, it seems that this is nothing new for him. His whole feed is full of hate, rotating between a few rage outlets, namely:

1. Democrat Human Centipede

2. I’m not racist because MY SON. You’re racist!

That’s awesome that Searcy adopted a child. Good for him. But your child is not a shield, and if it IS his birthday, maybe don’t waste the day spewing hate on Twitter.

And 3. I’m rich and famous, you’re fat and nobody.

I guess internet trolls come in all shapes and sizes, even famous ones. Now if you need me, I’ll be over on Kristen Bell’s Twitter for a palate cleanse of smiles and animal pics.

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