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Tori Spelling Is Living In An RV With Her 5 Kids

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | August 4, 2023 |

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | August 4, 2023 |


Tori Spelling has had a year. Actually, more like a decade. She’s struggling financially, her marriage to Dean McDermott is on its last legs, and, this week, we learned she and her five children are living out of an RV at a campground in Ventura County, California. The New York Post has the photos (and please note that there is a 99.999% chance Tori called the paparazzi herself):

Tori and her kids, who range in age from 6 to 16, ended up in an RV after being forced to vacate their rental home due to an “extreme” mold problem. In May, she told her Instagram followers that she and the kids had been sick for months due to the toxic infestation. Tori admitted that, before they moved into the house, she was warned that it was labeled “unliveable” and a “health hazard.” But she didn’t take it seriously. Here’s the post:

After they left Mold House, Tori and the kids were seen staying at a $100-a-night motel that Page Six described as a “no-frills roadside lodge.” But, if Tori’s as broke as the rest of us normies, $100-a-night is still pretty damn expensive. Hence, the move to the RV. A source tells Entertainment Tonight:

“Tori has been struggling monetarily speaking. The mold situation is real, but it has been difficult for her to find a place to stay during it because her financial situation is not great. Tori is doing her best to make things work and take care of her kids.”

The big question is, where is Dean McDermott, Tori’s husband of 17 years? In June, the actor posted and then immediately deleted an Instagram break-up announcement. A couple weeks later, a source told the Daily Mail that Dean is basically a saint, and Tori is a demanding attention-addict who uses her personal problems to stay relevant:

‘For a very long time Tori used their marital problems to stay relevant,’ the source said.

‘Everyone knew about their issues, and she didn’t play it down, she played it - even going so far to go outside where she knew paparazzi were waiting holding papers that were a clear indication of a divorce. This really took a toll on Dean.’

Obviously, an RV is a far cry from Spelling Manor, the 56,500-square-foot mansion where Tori lived when she was a teen. Her mom, Candy Spelling, sold the house for $85 million in 2011, 5 years after Aaron Spelling’s death. 77-year-old Candy is currently facing backlash on social media for “letting” her daughter and grandchildren live at a campground. She had to turn her Instagram comments off because Tori-fans were calling her “selfish” and “spiteful”. But, according to one of kajillion Spelling-sources, Candy actually “spent hours on the phone” trying to find her daughter and grandkids a house. It was Tori’s decision to decline her mother’s help because she “wanted to live in a certain place.” And, for now, that place is an RV.