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Tom Hanks Responds To #TrumpTape, Remains America's Sweetheart

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | October 13, 2016 |

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | October 13, 2016 |

Is there any American actor more affable than Tom Hanks? Seriously. If someone doesn’t like Tom Hanks, it’s a mark on their character, a giant red flag. And thankfully, amid this garbage smear of a week, Tom Hanks has come forward to comment on the Trump tapes, and remind us once again why we love him.

THR reports Hanks said of the Access Hollywood footage that featured the Republican Babadook bragging about forcing his hands on unsuspecting women (while Billy Bush hooted like he was at a strip club), “I’m offended as a man. I’m not offended as a husband or a father. I’m offended as a guy.”

Yes. Tom Hanks knows that “I have daughters!!!!” need not be the prime or only reason you’d be offended by Trump’s bragging about sexual assault. And he rejects the groping GOP candidate’s excuse of “locker room talk,” saying, “He was at work, man. He wasn’t in a locker room. He was at work. He was showing up to do a thing on camera…That’s just not right, I’m sorry. It’s not right at work, it’s not right in the locker room. It’s wrong, period. The end. That’s all.”

But Trump’s general grotesquerie is not the only thing Tom Hanks takes issue with about the proud misogynist. He also points to the absolute lunacy of a man with NO political experience running for President, which somehow we are really not talking about enough. Hanks offered a simple analogy:

“It’s kind of like if you have a horrible, painful tooth, and you need a root canal. Who are you going to see? A guy who says, ‘Oh, I think I can figure that out, how to do a root canal for you. Lay down.’ Or are you going to see somebody who’s done 6,000 of them, has a degree on the wall and has a great history and expertise when it comes down to it.”

Tom, we really, really, really, really, really like you.

Kristy Puchko might do ice cream for breakfast because it’s been that kind of week.