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Holy Xenu! Tom Cruise Might Finally Be Leaving Scientology

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | July 2, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | July 2, 2015 |


Holy wow, if this is true, Scientology may finally be on its last legs. With all the negative publicity the “religion” has been receiving after Going Clear (both Lawrence Wright’s book and Alex Gibney’s documentary), celebrities writing essays and speaking out, things have looked like they’re going down the tubes a while now. If they lose their biggest celebrity client/champion, it’s all over but Miscavige’s crying.

Because of the source, we have to take this with a grain of salt, but the reason Cruise is said to be considering a break from the church makes a lot of sense. It’s one thing to lose a wife or two, but as a father separated from his young child, Tom may have decided enough is enough. According to a source, Cruise can’t take being a stranger to Suri:

“An insider explained…how Tom’s recent phone call with Suri made him realize he needed to get out. ‘She was going on and on about her ballet class and how much she loves it. That’s when Tom realized he’s never seen her perform ballet and he started to tear up,’ the insider claimed. ‘It hit him that she’s growing up before his eyes and he’s not there to witness most of it. They talk on the phone and video chat, but it’s not the same.’ Phone calls and video chats for Tom and Suri can’t really replace spending actual, physical time with each other, especially since Suri is so young.

The source went on to explain the predicament Tom is allegedly in. ‘Tom has been under tremendous pressure where Suri and Katie are concerned because the church doesn’t want him close to them. They can’t stand that their own poster boy isn’t raising his child in the church,” the source said. “If they label Suri a suppressive person (a Scientology term for an enemy of the church), as they’ve been known to do with dissenters, that would make it hard for Tom to have a relationship with her. He’s between a rock and a hard place, but he’s finally making a choice to put his daughter first,” the source continued.”

Aw, that stuff about never seeing Suri’s ballet class is heartbreaking. It’s interesting, because when Cruise and Nicole Kidman broke up, their kids were a bit older and had already been indoctrinated; Miscavige and Co. had only to mark Nicole’s forehead with an “SP” (Suppressive Person), and Tom was on his merry way to finding wife number three. But, when Katie Holmes left Cruise, she took their young daughter Suri (now 9) with her; one just can’t imagine Tom would be able to walk away for good. Whatever bizarre hold Scientology has over him, Cruise just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would simply cut off from his own child.

Run, Tommy! Run!

(via Uproxx)

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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