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Today Is National Tig Notaro Appreciation Day Now

By Emily Cutler | Celebrity | June 20, 2019 |

By Emily Cutler | Celebrity | June 20, 2019 |


Hey, I’ve decided a thing. If some jerks around here can make up things like Butthole Day, I can make up days too. When I say “jerks” I mean, please don’t fire me, Dustin. And when I say “make up days” I mean “recognize and verbalize things we should be doing on a daily basis without some jerk (me this time) telling us to.” Hence: Tig Notaro Appreciation Day.

First off, Tig Notaro is amazing.

Secondly, like, really amazing.

And not most important but still very, very good, Tig Notaro is hysterical. In fact, if there are any readily apparent flaws that Tig has it’s 1) too humble, and 2) doesn’t really know who famous people are. Which is sort of a problem when your job is to work with famous people.

So as she covers in the video, Tig doesn’t know people. (I mean, I feel like I should be upset with her for not knowing who Viola Goddamn Davis is, but I can’t be. I just can’t be. She’s too earnest in her deficiency.) Which means that she either could work on learning who people are and avoid the awkward conversation that resulted from not knowing who Shailene Woodley is, OR she could lean into the awkward by inviting people onto her show specifically because she has no idea who they are. Awkwardness like:

Trying to guess Julie Bowen’s name.

Or why Wyclef Jean is so good at handstands.

Or making Dawson make the Dawson face because, of course, she made him make the face, she’s goddamn amazing.

It’s not just that it’s refreshing that in our celebrity-obsessed culture, Tig is so wildly out of touch, and still unconcerned with being out of touch. It’s that she’s that completely unconcerned with knowing people, AND SHE WORKS WITH THEM. SHE MADE A TV SHOW. SHE, SHE HERSELF, IS ONE OF THE FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO, WERE SHE NOT HER, SHE WOULDN’T KNOW.

So in celebration of Tig Notaro Appreciation Day, please feel free to watch some of Tig’s stand-up or show, continue being awesome, and make sure to call your boss by the wrong name at least three times today. Justin.

Header Image Source: Funny or Die