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This Week In 'Seriously, F*ck That Guy': Moore, Hoffman, Spurlock and Trump

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | December 14, 2017 |

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | December 14, 2017 |

Roy Moore, a bigoted alleged child molester who believes gay people are dangerous perverts and that women shouldn’t vote, lost the senate race in Alabama. We know you know, but seriously, fuck that guy and the horse he didn’t know how to ride in on. (Pajiba)

Don’t buy Dustin Hoffman’s bullshit about how his behavior toward Anna Graham Hunter was just the kind of joshing that theater families do. Last Friday, Kathryn Rossetter, who co-starred with Hoffman on Death of a Salesman on Broadway, shared her story, which included Hoffman embarrassing and groping her, flashing her breasts to their colleagues, and making her look unprofessional by generally fucking with her while she waited for her cue. She writes, “Along with the nightly sexual harassment, he eroded my confidence, my dignity. He humiliated and demeaned me. He robbed me of my joy in the experience and he left dirty fingerprints on my soul.” (THR)

Super Size Me documentarian Morgan Spurlock took to Twitter to confess his own sexual misconduct, writing, “I am part of the problem.” He recounts sexually harassing a co-worker, and the time he was accused of rape. (THR)

Accused of sexual misconduct, celebrity chef Mario Batali admitted to it. He’s been asked to step down from the daytime TV show, The Chew. (Pajiba)

Ken Friedman, owner of the West Village’s Spotted Pig restaurant, has been accused of sexual “harassment,” which includes groping one waitress, pulling another’s head to his crotch, and biting another on the hip. How is that not assault? Moreover, how did he pull some of this shit in front of Amy Poehler? (NYT)

Salma Hayek shared her story of sexual harassment by serial predator Harvey Weinstein. In a very personal op-ed, she writes, “He was my monster…In his eyes, I was not an artist. I wasn’t even a person. I was a thing: not a nobody, but a body.” (NYT)

Naturally, Weinstein released a statement that suggests Hayek is not just a liar, but a liar who should be grateful he didn’t cast Jennifer Lopez in Frida instead. (E Online)

Nine other Weinstein accusers have shared what’s happened since they went public with their accounts. (THR)

Fox News managed the dizzying mental gymnastics of blaming Moore’s loss in Alabama not on him being a grotesque candidate, not on Trump’s lack of pull within his own party, but on Harvey Weinstein. (The Hill)

Kevin Spacey’s latest accuser of sexual misconduct is Ari Behn, the Norwegian King’s son-in-law. (BBC)

In the wake of Matt Lauer’s history of sexual harassment and alleged assault coming to light, NBC is dedicating weeks to interviewing employees to learn the full story. It’s unlikely the public will hear what’s discovered. But it’s reported the purpose of these interviews is to discover “why this was able to happen, why it wasn’t reported sooner, and what we can do to make employees feel more empowered to report unacceptable behavior.” (THR)

More bad news for recently fired Bryan Singer, who is being sued for sexual assault against a 17-year-old boy. His alma mater, The USC School of Cinematic Arts’s Division, has removed his name from their Division of Cinema & Media Studies program. Students of the school created a petition to make this happen, but Deadline is claiming it was Singer who asked his name be removed “until the allegations against him are resolved.” Uh huh. (Deadline)

BTW, Singer would totally work with Spacey more times. (Pajiba)

We should all stop making jokes about how Christopher Plummer should replace alleged harassers in upcoming movies. (HuffPo)

The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza was fired over “improper sexual conduct.” (Mediaite)

PBS has suspended distribution of the late-night talk show Tavis Smiley because of sexual misconduct allegations made against its eponymous host. (Variety)

Judge Alex Kozinski has been accused of sexual misconduct by 6 former clerks and junior staffers. Kozinski claims, “I treat all of my employees as family,” which apparently means showing them porn and asking his “family” if it gets them hot. (WaPo)

Andy Yeatman, the asshole/Netflix exec who told one of Danny Masterson’s accusers that the company didn’t believe the allegations of rape, has been fired. (Indiewire)

The Republican-controlled State House of Pennsylvania voted in favor of legislation to ban abortion after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Planned Parenthood has declared this abortion law would be “among the nation’s most restrictive.” (ABC)

Thankfully, Governor Tom Wolf said he’d veto the bill, writing, “Senate Bill 3 is an assault on the doctor-patient relationship by politicians without medical or health expertise. Women, not politicians in Harrisburg, should be making their own health decisions in consultation with their doctors and families.” (Governor.Pa.Gov)

The women accusing President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct are hopeful the ongoing cultural shift will mean they are finally heard. (NYT)

Senator Kristen Gillibrand from New York is rallying behind them. (Pajiba)

So, naturally Trump called her a whore. (Pajiba)

Trump’s also enraged at his American ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, because she had the gall to say his accusers “should be heard.” (Pajiba)

Trump got called out by USA Today in an op-ed that claims there is no rock bottom for a man this low, and declares, “A president who’d all but call a senator a whore is unfit to clean toilets in Obama’s presidential library or to shine George W. Bush’s shoes.” (USA Today)

A “negative Trump effect” has led to the president’s Manhattan properties losing value, when compared to neighboring buildings that don’t have his name plastered across them. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. But you know this needles him.(AMNY)

We’re going to end on this, which is not only necessary journalism, but also brilliant trolling. Remember how the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said there were multiple “specific eyewitness accounts” that refute each and every woman accusing Trump of sexual misconduct? Well, reporter Philip Bump rounded up all of those accounts into a very informative list. (WaPo)