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This Week In 'Seriously, F*ck That Guy': Bad News For Weinstein, Ratner, Spacey, And Dick(s)

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | November 3, 2017 |

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | November 3, 2017 |

The hits keep coming. And while the flood of stories of abuse, assault, and rape can be overwhelming, the upside is that predators are at long last being forced to face consequences. Our deepest respect goes out to the victims bravely sharing their stories.

Asia Argento offers a spreadsheet of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, which includes 94 women.

Among them are actresses Annabella Sciorra, Daryl Hannah, and Paz de la Huerta. (The New Yorker, Vanity Fair)

Weinstein will be burned in effigy as part of Guy Fawkes Night. (Indiewire)

Scotland Yard is investigating Weinstein for 11 incidents between the 1980s and 2015. Other police investigations are open in Los Angeles and New York. (Buzzfeed, Pajiba)

The L.A. police are also investigating director James Toback, whose accuser count is over 300. (Vanity Fair, Pajiba)

Earlier this week, Anthony Rapp declared that Kevin Spacey came onto him when he was just 14. Now, another man has come forward, saying he was 14 when a 24-year-old Spacey tried to rape him. (Vulture)

Actor Robert Cavazos and filmmaker Tony Montana both told stories of Spacey attempting to grope them, while British bartender Daniel Beal says Spacey once exposed himself before trying to force Beal to touch his genitals. Another anonymous source says the actor tried to bed him when he was a teenager. (The Independent)

In the wake of these accusations, Netflix has halted production on House of Cards’s final season. Media Rights Capital, which is making the show along with Netflix, is investigating Spacey’s behavior on set and has already turned up more complaints. They have also set up an anonymous complaint hotline, crisis counselors, and sexual harassment legal advisors for the show’s crew. (CNN, THR)

MasterClass dropped Spacey from faculty of instructors. (THR)

Spacey is reportedly seeking “evaluation and treatment.” (THR)

Reality TV personality/actress Ariane Bellamar accused Entourage’s Jeremy Piven of sexual assault.

HBO released a statement saying they were unaware of the incident until now. And Piven is flat-out denying it, saying, “I unequivocally deny the appalling allegations being peddled about me. It did not happen. It takes a great deal of courage for victims to come forward with their histories, and my hope is that the allegations about me that didn’t happen, do not detract from stories that should be heard.” (THR)

Smallville’s Cassidy Freeman responded on Instagram, calling out Piven’s “predatory behavior,” writing, ” know what you did and attempted to do to me when I was far too young.”

Following accusations that Dustin Hoffman sexually harassed a 17-year-old girl while making the TV movie Death of a Salesman, television producer Wendy Riss Gatsiounis came forward with her story of how the actor sexually harassed her in 1991. (Variety)

ICYMI: Andy Dick was fired off not one, but two films just last month for sexual harassment. (Pajiba, Pajiba)

As a result of these stories going public, Dick’s documentary Everybody has an Andy Dick Story was cut from the upcoming Chicago Comedy Film Festival. (The Interrobang)

After a fifth woman has accused filmmaker Roman Polanski of rape, feminists in France banded together to protest a Parisian retrospective on the director. Organizer Laure Salmona said of the protest, “We can’t continue to praise rapists, even if they are great film directors or if they are talented.” (NYT)

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry attempted to exploit the growing outcry against sexual assault to promote fossil fuels. Even in context this statement is dumb: “But also from the standpoint of sexual assault. When the lights are on, when you have light that shines, the righteousness, if you will, on those types of acts.” (The Hill)

After six women accused director/producer/known douchebag Brett Ratner of sexual harassment and “misconduct,” Warner Bros. has publicly announced they are severing ties. (Slate)

Also, that Brett Ratner-produced Hugh Hefner biopic Jared Leto was going to headline? It’s dead. Playboy said Ratner’s alleged behavior is “completely unacceptable.” And Leto’s distancing himself from the whole thing, claiming he was never attached to the project to begin with. (Slate, Deadline)

Reminder: Playboy was founded by a notorious creep who published nude photos against the subject’s will and has long been accused of harassment and rape. (LA Times, Cosmopolitan, E!)

Meanwhile, Ratner is suing Melanie Kohler, a woman who used a Facebook post to accuse him of rape. She wrote in part, “Brett Ratner raped me. I’m saying his name, I’m saying it publicly. Now at least I can look at myself in the mirror and not feel like part of me is a coward or a hypocrite. I’m standing up and saying this happened to me and it was not ok. Come what may, it is the right thing to do.”(Variety)

And LA Times reporter Amy Kaufman has an update:

For those fretting that all these abusive men falling to ruin will mean trouble for Hollywood, Jessica Chastain offers this.

Courtney gets it.

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Kristy Puchko is the managing editor of Pajiba. You can follow her on Twitter.