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The UK Ban On FKA Twigs' Calvin Klein Ad Was Partially Reversed

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | March 6, 2024 |

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | March 6, 2024 |

fka twigs.jpg

Back in January, FKA Twigs’ Clavin Klein ad was banned in the UK. The campaign, which first came out nearly a year ago, showed the 36-year-old singer/dancer wearing only a shirt. There’s some side boob and side butt action. The copy reads: Calvins or nothing. Guess FKA picked nothing!

Here’s the ad:

After ten months in circulation, the country’s governing advertising regulator, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), pulled FKA’s campaign because it was “irresponsible and likely to cause serious offense.” The ad “used nudity and centered on FKA twigs’ physical features rather than the clothing, to the extent that it presented her as a stereotypical sexual object,” and focused on “the model’s body rather than the clothing being advertised.” The ASA said the image “must not appear in again in the form complained of.” For the record, the organization reportedly received complaints from two people. Two. People.

Now, Kendall Jenner’s topless ad also received complains, but, ultimately, the ASA ruled that it was not done “in a manner that portrayed her as a sexual object.” You be the judge, but, personally, I call bullshit. FKA’s pose/stare hold a lot more power than Kendall’s does. Her photo is giving “Eva Green’s trauma shower in Casino Royale”.

FKA was not happy about the ASA’s decision. In an Instagram post, she wrote that she was facing “double standards” compared to white models:

i do not see the ‘stereotypical sexual object’ that they have labelled me. i see a beautiful strong woman of colour whose incredible body has overcome more pain than you can imagine.

in light of reviewing other campaigns past and current of this nature, i can’t help but feel there are some double standards here. so to be clear…

i am proud of my physicality and hold the art i create with my vessel to the standards of women like josephine baker, eartha kitt and grace jones who broke down barriers of what it looks like to be empowered and harness a unique embodied sensuality. thank you to ck and mert and marcus who gave me a space to express myself exactly how i wanted to - i will not have my narrative changed.

Today, the ASA issued a partial reversal to their January ban. FKA’s campaign may now be shown again in most parts of the country, but cannot be displayed where children might see it. But… aren’t kids everywhere? Where is Calvin Klein gonna post the campaign, casinos and strip clubs?

So far, no comment from the ASA regarding Jeremy Allen White’s underwear campaign:

Won’t somebody please think of the children?!