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Steven Moffat Is Still a Wanker Who Likes to Keep Us Waiting for 'Sherlock'

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | March 13, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | March 13, 2015 |

As a kazillionty Sherlock fans sit around tapping their feet, waiting for any little tidbit of news about this year’s special, and/or series 4, our old pal (and by pal, I mean the way Seinfeld and Newman are friends) Steven Moffat is feeling only a the teensiest bit bad about our suffering. Speaking with BT, the Sherlock and Doctor Who showrunner showed his true colors, once again.

“The appetite for Sherlock is wonderful.

I feel slightly guilty that we may have exacerbated the appetite through starvation because we make so few of them over so much time. But it’s incredibly rewarding that each time we come back it’s so rapturously received.”

Well now, isn’t that just lovely? Here we all are, hanging about since January 2014, with nothing but the hope of one measly episode in all of 2015; then if we’re really lucky, we’ll get three more *sometime* during 2016 — and Moffat thinks its cool we’re ravenous by the time they dangle a scrap front of our noses. Hmpf!

He went on.

He went on, using a bit of the old fuzzy math to let us know how lucky we are that things are the way they are — what with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman being the big stars they are.

“It makes it last longer, that’s for sure. If we’d done it at the normal rate, which would be six to twelve [episodes] every year or every two years, we’d be finished by now and we’d never get hold of Benedict and Martin again.

So it’s certainly kept it going, and it’s nice that we don’t wear it all out. It’s still quite fresh even though it’s a few years old now.”



We’ll be lucky if we even remember who those fuckers are by the time we see them again. There’s a reason we have to rewatch the previous series before starting a new one, and it’s not just fond memories, you wanker!

Not content to ruffle our feathers over only one series, Moffat threw in a little Doctor Who zinger as well. Promising the excellent Michelle Gomez would return as The Master during series 9, the guy who knows how much we’d love a female Doctor — but comes up with all the lame excuses not to consider one — tried to pretend he was a visionary for giving us a female Master instead.

“Michelle was such a hit. And that was such a big thing to do, almost a tricky thing to say ‘are people going to go for this beloved yet hated character when we change the gender?’. But they didn’t blink, they’re perfectly happy.”

Yeah, you’re a tricky one, Moff.

Doctor Who, series 9 begins this fall; Sherlock returns someday…

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)