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Sorry Timothée Chalamet, Jude Law is Still the Best Fancy Lad in Hollywood

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | August 21, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | August 21, 2019 |


Into every generation, a slayer fancy lad is born…


Friends, it’s confession time. I don’t really get Timothée Chalamet. I mean, he’s good and all (although my forever Laurie is Christian Bale, on-set freakouts notwithstanding) but every time he comes up in conversation, I can only think to myself “sure, he’s a pretty, fancy fella, but he’s not Jude Law circa 1997.”

Now, before you think this is a knock against Chalamet, it’s not. This is more of a celebration of Jude Law, the fanciest man in Hollywood I can think of in the modern era.

(OK. That’s Jude Law, circa 1998, but same timeframe, here)

So what makes a fancy man? I don’t know, someone who looks fancy, man! You’ll know it when you see it. For instance, Gerard Butler is not a fancy man. Bradley Cooper? Fancy! Chris Evans? Handsome, but not fancy. Chris Pine? Fancy! Timothée Chalamet? Super fancy, but not the fanciest.

The larger point is—of all the fancy men in Hollywood, Jude Law is the fanciest. Just look at him in Wilde:

(I’m not going to say fancy in regards to that clip because I’m using that word too much, but I’m thinking it right now…)

Here’s a more recent example of Law’s enduring fancy-pants nature:


Now, fancy and pretty are not synonymous but they typically go hand in hand. Law is, of course, both fancy and pretty, which is why one was able to put up with AI, which was a super weird movie, because he was being quite pretty and fancy in it.

It’s not that Timothée Chalamet is bad, per se, but when Jude Law is still in the game, being, well, Jude Law, it’s hard to accept another apex fancy chap in one’s life as it’s clear what Chalamet is angling for.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Chalamet is doing a good job, hitting all the right notes, playing literary fancy lad Laurie, which is a 1:1 comparison in fanciness—but again, Jude law is still out there, walking around in a skinny scarf or sharply fitted suit, looking like he knows a lot about various tea blends and vintage cocktails, coming across as definitely someone who smells like sandalwood and leather, with shiny shoes. How can you compare the two?!

You can’t. So, I’ll keep Jude Law in my heart as the fanciest lad in Hollywood, always, and quietly reject the way Chalamet is trying to worm into it. Even if his Laurie turns out to be better than Bale’s.

Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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