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Shailene Woodley Is All About The Lady Love

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | March 14, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | March 14, 2014 |

Shailene Woodley, of The Descendents and The Spectacular Now, is also at the start of the new YA mega-franchise, the Divergent trilogy. She’s being called “the next Jennifer Lawrence” because apparently we live in a world where there can only be one cool young action heroine. Well, Woodley isn’t having any of that. She’s all about the girl-on-girl respect and inclusion.

From The Daily Beast:

One of the biggest things I enjoy about it is the relationship between Zoe’s character (Christina) and my character. Oftentimes in films, even if you do have a really strong woman, there’s jealousy and envy among her sisters. So you’ll have this really empowered leader, who’s a chick, and then she has some sort of envious relationship with another woman in the movie. And in this movie, there’s no envy and no jealousy—no ridiculous girl-fights. It’s such an important message to send out there in this age of feminism because, yes, men need to respect women, and women need to be the leads of films, but at the same time, how do we expect men to respect women if women don’t respect women? A big theme in my life is sisterhood, and I think that this movie is a really great representation of that—of being there and supporting one-another without the malicious attacks that so often come in movies and media. So many women feel so much anger towards other women.

This is such an incredible point of view for a 22 year old woman to have, especially one who lives and works in the soul-crushing environment of blockbuster Hollywood entertainment. Still I, personally, get really tired of the “women need to love each other before men will respect us” mentality. I call bullsh*t on that line of thinking because you know what? Women are never going to be one unified front. Men sure as hell aren’t. Yes, it would be great if gossipy frenemies weren’t a thing, but that shouldn’t stop us from getting equal pay and opportunities.

But what a refreshing break from the celebrities who refuse to identify as feminists. Woodley goes on to say that she hasn’t met Jennifer Lawrence yet, but she wrote her a letter before accepting her role in Divergent, and got an awesome response.

[Jennifer Lawrence] was like, “Small things will change, but if you stay who you are, nothing will change. The big picture won’t change. It’s only going to make your life greater and you’ll be so grateful for it. Don’t be stupid, don’t make a sex tape, don’t do drugs, don’t go to Whole Foods the day the movie opens, and you’ll be fine!” I thought, “I’m gonna love this chick when I meet her.”

Let’s hope this is the beginning of an era of a kickass young Hollywood elite. Can we be done with the Shias and the Lohans? If we have to put celebrities up on a pedestal, let’s at least pick decent people with healthy body images and a dearth of douchbaggery.

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