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As Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds Finally Makes Sense to Those of Us Who Never *Got* Him

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | February 16, 2016 |

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | February 16, 2016 |

Sometimes people go on and on about a certain actor and no matter how hard you try, you just don’t see it. Then one day, WHAMMO!


Suddenly you smell the gunpowder, and it all makes sense.


Yep, I’m finally dead(pooled), and I finally get the Ryan Reynolds thing. It’s not his abs, it’s not his blonde haired, brown-eyed, tall-drink-o-white-boy thing. It’s his brilliant personality, which comes through in every line Wade Wilson utters. Think about the amount of charisma that has to be dripping from a person to blast right through a head-to-toe latex suit without even so much as eye or mouth holes. That man is entirely covered up! And still, he fucking oozes so much charm and wit I’d…actually do stuff with him. That’s saying a lot considering how long I’ve managed to ignore Reynolds, despite Dustin’s best efforts. I do owe the bossman a hearty thanks for reminding me that I did, at one time, notice Reynolds’ excellent onscreen humor during the run of a little show called Two Guys and a Girl (and — sometimes — a Pizza Place), which also featured another Pajiba favorite;


In my brain, Reynolds is now delightfully sandwiched between Fillion and Inara Morena Baccarin, and can we get some kind of Firefly/Pizza Place reunion thing going, please?

Of course, Reynolds may be too busy for side projects now. Word on the street is that he’s quickly reteaming with Deadpool (and Zombieland) writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who deserve a good slice of the “Hey, I finally get Ryan Reynolds!” pie, since they wrote all those fabulous lines that Reynolds infused with sarcastic wit. According to The Wrap, the actor pretty boy is in talks to star opposite Rebecca Ferguson — who practically stole away Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation from the Cruise-man — in a Daniel Espinosa directed science fiction film called Life. Espinosa marks another reunion; he worked with Reynolds on the unseen by my eyes, Safe House. If the deal works out, Reynolds and Ferguson will play astronauts aboard an international space station. Their team discovers something they’ve brought back from Mars may contain intelligent (dangerous?) life. Look, as long as Reynolds is in a bodysuit (astronaut, bingo!), it’ll be fantastic; think: DEADPOOL IN SPACE! At least, that’s what I’m thinking…(hoping).


“Many readers joke that actor Ryan Reynolds is this [closet key] for Pajiba writer/publisher Dustin Rowles due to his repeated adoration for Reynolds’ abs.” (someone)

Hey Dustin, I finally get it!


Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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