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Royal Baby Update: Who is Archie More Compatible With? Meghan Markle or Prince Harry?

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | May 12, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | May 12, 2019 |


Friends, obviously I am excited about the newest Royal Baby, mainly because there’s almost enough of Prince William and Harry’s kids to form a pickup basketball game. One more and we can do 5 by 5’s and since all of their kids are, well, kids, I like my odds at wiping the court with them. That’s neither here nor there, yet, because the most important and pressing news was delivered today by (of course.)

If you’re like me, and you’ve been sitting in your reading nook trying to suss out the divinatory nature of Archie’s birth, you’re in luck. has the resources to contact Princess Diana’s astrologer in order to get a clear and absolute hold on who Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, a baby that is less than a week old, will be like as an adult and which parent he will get along with more. This is exactly the type of news I hoped I’d get on this fine Saturday.

OK, first thing’s first, which parent will Archie take after, more?


“The strongest chart connections are between Archie and Harry — he is a chip off the old block, Harry’s block that is,” astrologer Penny Thornton tells PEOPLE, adding: “In his firstborn child, Harry has found another soulmate.”

…yikes. Penny had me with the first part of that quote, and then made my eyebrows shoot up almost off my forehead at the last. On any other day, I might want to dive into this, but not today, friends. We’ll save that soulmate comment for another time.

Anyway, who else will this baby become? has the answers:

“Born as the Sun rose in Taurus, Archie has the full force of the Sun on his persona and will be a sunny child - strong, charismatic and confidant,” says Thornton who was astrologer to the late Princess Diana. “With the strong Uranus influence, Mercury conjunct Uranus, he will be a joker or at the very least, he will have an independent mind.”

Don’t worry, she’s not done yet!

“He’ll take his heritage very seriously, she says, adding of his character: “He’ll be adventurous, curious, stubborn, opinionated, resourceful, engaging and smart.”

OK, enough about the baby, right? What about Meghan? Our resident astrologer has you covered!

Meghan who is a Leo, will be a natural mom, says Thornton. “She’s got Cancer rising and Cancer is the sign of motherhood and femininity. They like nurturing and mothering.”

So, I guess there you have it? We now know definitively what kind of person Archie will be, and what kind of parents Harry and Meghan will be. I call that a productive Saturday, don’t you?

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