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Ron Perlman's 'Ask Me Anything' is the Ron Perlman-est Fu**in' Thing Imaginable

By Petr Knava | Celebrity | September 28, 2017 |

By Petr Knava | Celebrity | September 28, 2017 |

Ron Perlman is a goddamn national treasure.

That should be axiomatic by now.

The 67-year old actor is a man whose screen presence and unique charisma has few peers, and it is always an absolute treat when he shows up in a film, whether it be in a leading role, or a supporting one; in a genre piece, or more straight ahead drama.

Tangential Trivia Aside: Perlman is (or was, as he mentioned in a recent Marc Maron interview) a huge cigar fan, once saying:

As I always say: “Some people meditate, I smoke cigars.” It’s the best way for me to find myself. Smoking a cigar stops my hands from shaking. Smoking a cigar prevents me from punching people in the face when they get on my nerves. Cigars calm me down. Their smell, their taste… And they are the best partner for a good cocktail or a glass of brandy. I’ve got quite a few Cubans in my humidor and I smoke one on special occasions; when my career takes a new direction, or if there is good news in my family. When Guillermo del Toro told me that Hellboy was going to get made and that I had the lead role - after a seven-year battle with the studios and whereas I had done everything to discourage him, saying that he had no chance - I smoked a Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas. That was a special moment!

Perlman also absolutely slays on Twitter.

The actor dropped by Reddit yesterday to deliver an ‘Ask Me Anything’ that is… Well, it’s just so Ron Perlman it’s perfect. Gruff but warm. Matter-of-fact but philosophical. I would kill to have a beer with this sonofabitch. You can check out the full thing here, but below is his intro, and some highlights:

Okay muthafuckas, I’m back! This is my 3rd AMA- let’s make this one for the books. I’ve got a lot of shit to talk and a lot of shit to talk about. I bet you have some Qs and boy do I have some As. I’m currently on this fantastic show called StartUp and it’s on a fresh as fuck streaming service called Crackle. What’s Crackle, you ask? Think Netflix, except instead of paying a monthly fee you watch some commercials. So yeah, it’s basically free except you help keep the Crackle lights on by watching ads. A foreign concept, right? I’m really proud of the show and I’m having a wonderful time with this unbelievably talented cast: Adam Brody, Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman, Edi Gathegi, and more. The writing is sharp, the directing is off the charts and our on-screen chemistry crackles… get it? Sorry. Not really. Watch the trailer here: Start Up Season 2 Official Trailer

Now that photos have been released, how do you feel about the ‘new’ Hellboy?

I’ve made my peace with it. I refuse to answer any questions about it.

Hi Ron, love your movies! If you had just one piece of advice you’ve learned throughout your life to pass on to the younger generations, what would it be?

Make failure your friend. Once you do that you can’t lose. What to I mean by that? If you regard every failure as a victory, all you will ever know is victory.

How did overkill get you to play rust in payday?

It had very much to do with the last word of your question.

Who would you want to play you in a Sons of Anarchy prequel?

Benedict Cumberbatch! Because I’d like to be skinny and British.

What’s your favorite beer? Different beers for different situations? Cheers and hope you’re enjoying a cigar during this AMA!

I’m not a beer drinker but ask me anything you want to about Vodka or Tequila.

(- Oh well, never mind about the having a beer with him then. Fuck it, I’m in with either of those two too -)

How much does it cost per month to maintain that level of effortless cool?

I’ve been paying that one off for 68 years.

What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever given or done for you?

I actually still find it weird that I have fans.

How do I be a Man according to Ron Perlman?

We don’t have enough time bro…

Do you give fans hugs at conventions?


What is a project that you missed out on working on that you wish you had worked on?

There are none. And I repeat, I’m so bad Cable should be playing me. I’m a bad man.

Car guy here - what is your favorite car in your garage?

I only have one and it’s a Tesla and it’s the only car i will drive for the rest of my life.

Your work with Guillermo del Toro has been some of the most fun stuff I’ve seen on screen. Will you be working with him again, & what is your favorite memory of working with him in the past?

I hope I will be working with him again. Not my call his… BTW, before I forget, make sure you see his film called Shape of Water. It is an unqualified masterpiece. He is the most fun being on set of anyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He has the brilliance of Einstein and the sense of humor of Curly on the Three stooges. What could possibly go wrong?

Hi Ron, first of all, I’d like to say that you are a big part of my childhood. But I’d like to know, during the shooting of “cronos” , what did you thought about guillermo del Toro the first time you met him?

After five minutes it felt like we’d known each other for ten years. After a half an hour it felt like we’d known each other 30…

Have you ever wanted to play a daycare center employee with a heart of gold?

Well now that you mention it…. No.

What are your feelings on the protests among NFL players in response to police brutality?

First amendment rights baby! Our constitution is what we’ve been fighting for for 241 years. And free speech isn’t just any amendment, it’s the first.

Are you serious about your bid for the presidency in 2020?

Fuck yeah!

Dude, you want to run for president? How do you plan to change this country? Answer this question and you can guarantee my vote.

First of all, we need to redesign our exceptionalism, becoming an example for the world of generosity and humanitarianism. Second of all we need to act like a country that has been blessed with great bounty and give a leg up to anyone who wants to or needs assistance in living the American dream. And thirdly, we need to live up to the aspirations of the founding fathers who used language like, Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness and all men are created equal regardless of color, creed, nationality or background. There are many more things I’d like to say, but more importantly I’d like to live long enough to implement these things and more. The word I was looking for earlier was called stewardship and if we blow that there is nothing else.

Wanna come over for supper tonight Perl?

What are you cooking? I don’t eat just anything, you know…

My birthday is friday can I get a shout out from one of my favorite actors of all time?

Here’s a shout out! Happy Birthday muthafucka!
church_of_robot I drew a caricature of you and Coates and years later you shared it on social media and made an effort to make sure that I was given credit for it. Thank you for that. I have much respect for you and am a big fan of your work and this is a stupid question, but I’ve always wondered: Do you remember where you saw it, initially? The drawing in question.
If the caricature is what I think it is, fantastic work. I was obsessed with finding out out with who you were … and I believe I initially saw it on instagram.

Hi Ron! Thanks for doing the AMA.
A personal favorite movie of mine is Drive, and loved your role especially. What was it like playing Nino, and how was it working alongside Ryan Gosling and Winding Refn? Cheers.

Top draw experience. Everyone talks about what a great actor he is but no one will ever know what a great guy he is. And Refn is a talent like no other and I’ll let you decide what I mean by that, heh, heh, heh.

Did anything ever come of you fighting Alex Jones.. Where did that leave off? Can we pick that up again?

I’m right here muthafucka! I will say this, 26 little kids got slaughtered in a school in Connecticut and he called it a left wing publicity stunt. If he likes, I’ll show him what 26 whoopings look like.

I’d just like to go back to one line for a second…

‘First of all, we need to redesign our exceptionalism’

If you excuse me I’ll be over here, fanning myself socialistically.



Petr Knava lives in London and plays music

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