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Ricky Schroder Defends Decision to Bail Out Kyle Rittenhouse After Calling Cops on Mean Twitter Trolls

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | November 27, 2020 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | November 27, 2020 |


Listen: 2020 has given us all a number of unexpected twists and turns, but the fact that a 17-year-old traveling across state lines and shooting two protestors with a semi-automatic weapon is a cause célèbre is one of the more flummoxing reveals of the season year. Not that most of us didn’t see it coming as soon as we saw the footage. Our collective thought process probably went something like this: “Surely they won’t make him a hero,” quickly followed by, “They’re definitely going to make him a hero, aren’t they?

And indeed, Kyle Rittenhouse has become something of a hero to the racist, scumbag right, even after he was indicted for double murder and his bail was set at $2 million. But because Rittenhouse is a hero to the right (again, for committing murder), he was able to crowdfund the $2 million for bail, which — by the way — makes bail completely meaningless in this case. The idea behind bail is that, if you put up this money, you would never skip your court date because of the financial leverage being held against you (or your family). But when that bail is being crowdfunded? What’s to stop Rittenhouse from fleeing?

In any respect, the man who put Rittenhouse’s crowdfunding campaign over the top was Rick “Don’t Call Me Ricky” Schroder, the child star turned white supremacist. Schroder apparently put up $150,000, which afforded him a photo with Rittenhouse.

The online backlash was swift, and soon thereafter, Schroder … called the cops to report that he was being trolled on Twitter and his feelings were hurt. As the tweets were mostly comical and none rose to the level of threat, the cops wrote up a “suspicious report” and probably mumbled a lot of things about wasting their time under their breath.

Now, Schroder is defending his decision to help bail out Rittenhouse.

“It made me mad. This boy is innocent and he will be proven innocent. I did what any father should’ve done, and that’s get a kid out of jail that doesn’t deserve to be there… This was Kyle’s life being destroyed… This is his freedom at risk. It infuriated me to see an innocent 17-year-old young man being tried and found guilty before trial.”

Schroder also confessed that the case struck a nerve with him, and reminded him of when he was arrested for domestic violence last year. “It sucked because everybody thought I was a woman beater, and I’m not a woman beater. I was tried and convicted in the court of the media. But you have to understand, that’s only my reputation that was being destroyed.”

Ninety-two percent of men who say, “woman beater” are definitely perpetrators of domestic violence.

“This was Kyle’s life being destroyed,” Schroder added. “This is his freedom at risk. It infuriated me to see an innocent 17-year-old young man being tried and found guilty before trial.”

Totally the same thing, right? One man was caught on camera murdering two people, and the other was accused of hitting his girlfriend, who withdrew the charges the next day, saying, uh, that she startled him while he was asleep and he accidentally punched her in the face. 👀

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Where are they now? Silver Spoons Edition.”

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