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Rep. Debbie Dingell Called Meghan McCain for Support, Bad Idea!

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | December 19, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | December 19, 2019 |


You might want to sit down for this, but you know Meghan McCain from The View? She’s the daughter of the late Senator John McCain. Crazy, right? She almost never talks about it, and I had to use all of my journalistic skill and cunning to solve that puzzle. You’re welcome.

But, seriously, welcome to one of the few times when Meghan had a legitimate reason to invoke MY FATHER™. If you somehow missed it, during a rally in Michigan last night, Donald Trump attacked Rep. Debbie Dingell by literally joking that her late husband and beloved congressman John Dingell is in Hell. The number one choice of evangelicals insinuated a World War II veteran is roasting in damnation because his bitch wife voted for impeachment. Just so we’re all clear who the Republican Party is fully prepared to die on a hill for, including the subject of this whole piece.

It’s no secret that Meghan has experience with Trump routinely pissing on the grave of her father, who was also a beloved veteran and politician. So I can certainly understand Rep. Dingell reaching out to the McCain family for support after both Meghan and her mother denounced Trump’s remarks. That’s all fine and good. I get that. Where things go pear-shaped is when Meghan uses what should’ve been a private moment of shared grief to back door an attack on the impeachment process and praise Tulsi Gabbard because of course. From Raw Story:

“In all candidness, Congresswoman Dingell reached out to me,” said McCain, whose mother and late father have come under similar attack by the president.

“There’s a specific kind of horrific monstrosity in this man that does this type of thing to widows,” she added. “My mother has also reached out to her. The people in this room, you all heard them groan, we’re all with her on this, but I think for me yesterday, I was watching the impeachment process when I got home last night, and I too would not have voted for it, and I also think Tulsi Gabbard has balls of steel to vote present because that’s what I would have done if I were her, as well, and then this happens.”

Ah, yes, nothing like having the dangling balls of courage to do absolutely jack-shit in the face of pure evil. Heroic stuff. Naturally, Meghan didn’t stop there, and she went on to directly equate Trump’s remarks with people tweeting “Merry Impeachmas” as if those two things are anything alike in any f*cking way. (They’re not.) This is pure Meghan right here. An albino elephant who thinks she’s a clever snake, but you can clearly see her barreling through the grass and setting off car alarms. Nothing she is doing is subtle, and if you zoom out on it for a second, it’s actually gross as hell.

Put yourself in Congresswoman Dingell’s shoes for a second. In a moment of genuine pain, she reached out to a family who’s experienced a similar form of exacerbated grief at the hands of Trump. In return for placing her trust in the McCains, Meghan immediately leveraged that personal contact to discredit the impeachment process — Which Dingell voted for! — and accused its supporters of being just as bad as the guy who shits all over dead veterans if their wives and/or families get out of line. If I’m Congresswoman Dingell, I’m severely regretting that call. Because not only did Meghan use her name in the examples above, but toward the end of the segment, Whoopi makes an extremely valid case that if the Republicans want to prove Trump’s innocence, they need to start putting up proof of it, which they’ve yet to do. It’s a pretty powerful argument that daytime viewers need to hear right now, so of course, Meghan cuts Whoopi off and swings the conversation to how much everyone at the table supports Debbie Dingell. She’s literally using the poor woman’s grief as a shield to protect the man who joked that her husband is in Hell. Who the f*ck does that?

John McCain’s daughter, that’s who.

P.S. Yes, I caught Abby’s remarks at the beginning. MYFATHER McHUNT really showed their whole asses today.

Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube