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RDJ Talks About His 'Weirdo' Interview With That 'Syphilitic Parasite.' He, Uh, Doesn't Hold Back

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | April 28, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | April 28, 2015 |

I wrote earlier about how Robert Downey Jr is poised on the edge of a very weird, totally manufactured backlash, all seemingly because he dared to bring security to lunch with his dad. (Okay, fine, it was a LOT of security, but he’s a very small man and also people are weird and he should be safe.) What’s interesting is that exactly none of that supposed backlash is in response to Downey walking out of his Channel 4 interview last week. Which is good, because RDJ would clearly give exactly zero f*cks if it were.

If you somehow missed Krishnan Guru-Murthy-gate (that’s not going to catch on, is it?) last week, RDJ sat down for what he thought would be a regular press junket interview, but instead was an attempt at an in-depth exposé about his troubled past of drugs and arrest records.

A few days later, the only comment Downey had made regarding the interview was this not-so-subtle shade:

But now he’s talked to Howard Stern about what exactly happened, and as is Stern’s gift, he does not hold back, calling Guru-Murthy a “bottom-feeding muckraker” and a “syphilitic parasite.” He says his only wish is that he had walked out of the interview earlier.

I’m one of those guys who I’m always assuming the social sort of decorum is in play and that we’re promoting a super hero movie, a lot of kids are going to see it. And this has nothing to do with your creepy, dark agenda that I’m feeling all of a sudden ashamed and obligated to accommodate your weirdo shit.
But as Stern points out, RDJ is not running for president. He’s promoting a movie in which he flies around in a metal suit and kills robots and aliens.
The assumption is that there’s a button that because you’ve sat down there, you’re going to be scrutinized like a kiddy fiddler who’s running for mayor.

Up next in RDJ backlash: use of the super weird and creepy term “kiddy fiddler.”

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