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'Queer Eye' is Here to Help You Feel Sexy

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | November 7, 2018 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | November 7, 2018 |


For reasons known only to me and my accountant, I’ve made it my mission in life to only take advice from reality stars. Sorry Mr. Responsibility, I know you told me to get a bank account and stop keeping all my money in paper sacks under my mattress, but as far as I know none of the Drag Queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race have told me otherwise yet, so I’m not changing a thing about myself.

So you can imagine my relief when the cast of Queer Eye banded together for People TV (Yes, People has their own digital TV channel. Life is good.) to tell me how to feel sexier!

(Note: They did this in the context of couples, but I’ve given you the single translation. You’re welcome!)

Johnathan (bless him, he’s the best) wants you to find a budget level you’re comfortable with to spend some time with your significant other—that can be going out, or staying in. Just create a combination of nice, and affordable things, and the evening will feel special. If you’re single like me, I guess that means allowing yourself to order that third taco?

Tan (bless him, he might be the best) wants you to make sure your clothes fit, because of course he does. That’s his thing. He also wants what you wear to represent you. Ok Tan, but I don’t think Del Taco take out bags come in my size?!

Karamo (bless him, he really might be the best) just wants to make sure whatever you do, you’re connecting emotionally. Typical (yet accurate) Karamo, right? I guess for me that means crying in the shower with the lights on next time.

Bobby (bless him, he most definitely filmed, produced, and edited the video above, because he may or may not be the best, but he definitely puts in the most work) let us know that you can make a space feel special, or set the mood, with items you already have around your house. I’m sure given 5 more minutes, Bobby would have shown us how to chop down a tree and fashion it into a coffee table, but that would have just been showing off. Guess that means it’s ok to proudly display my collection of New Kids On the Block dolls (mint in the box, thank you very much) while I watch tv, alone, in the dark.

And that leaves us Anthony—bless him…he likes avocados. He suggests to keep it sexy, you eat together. The single equivalent is…I don’t know, it’s Anthony. Probably putting peanut butter on apples and calling it a full meal.

So what do you think? How do you feel sexy? Other than reading this article in your pajamas, I mean.

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