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Prince Andrew Getty Images 7.jpg

Seriously?! Prince Andrew Plotting Return to Royal Duties Following Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | October 26, 2020 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | October 26, 2020 |

Prince Andrew Getty Images 7.jpg

There’s an old joke I’ve heard when it comes to celebrities and justice: In Hollywood, you don’t go to jail for killing your wife, you just get a fine. I suppose the rule for the royal family is somewhat similar: If you’re a prince who’s been accused of sexually assaulting a sex-trafficking victim thanks to your unashamed friendship with our generation’s most infamous pedophile, you don’t go to jail, you just go away for a bit.

After his disastrous interview with the BBC, wherein he claimed he couldn’t sweat and that being BFFs with a serial abuser was good for business, Prince Andrew decided to lay low for a while and step away from official royal duties as the Duke of York. Nothing of value was lost, as Andrew has been notoriously unpopular with the public for years now and he’d already lost his cushy gig as a trade envoy due to shady dealings. It turns out that people weren’t exactly jumping with joy at the possibility of Jeffrey Epstein’s pal being put back on the frontlines of monarchical duty. Shock horror, even we have standards, and we’re the country that keeps employing Piers Morgan.

A source told The Times that Andy never got the memo, because he is now ‘spending time working out how he can serve his country and support the monarchy in the future, and what else he might want to do with his life.’ Yikes. He is apparently ‘very sensitive to the public mood and acutely conscious that the public are the most important stakeholder. He feels he has support from the family, very much so, including all his siblings and his parents.’ And let’s add another yikes here. Nice to know that the Windsors are reportedly big on the guy accused of sexual assault but not the mixed-race woman who closed her own car doors and talks about racism being bad.

Buckingham Palace, however, is said to have distanced itself from the claims, insisting there are ‘no plans to review’ the Duke’s status as a working royal. Whatever the circumstances, it’s clear that the York house is working overtime to try and garner, if not sympathy, then some sort of understanding. Nevermind that he’s the one who totally torpedoed any chance of redemption with his own arrogance and THAT BBC interview. The British press has a lot of wriggle-room for the (white) royals because they’re good for copy and those connections are prized, but there’s a difference between some mild family drama and being unashamed friends with Jeffrey f**king Epstein.

This news also came after the court deposition documents from Ghislaine Maxwell went public, albeit in heavily redacted form. More than 400 pages were made available, but Andrew’s name is curiously missing. Hmm… By the way, the FBI is still VERY keen to talk to Andrew, who doesn’t seem to be returning their calls.

Death to the monarchy.

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