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Oh My God, Jared Leto, Please Stop Talking

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | May 9, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | May 9, 2016 |

Every time I think we can’t possibly have any more fuel for the Jared Leto Suicide Squad fire, he goes and says more words in public. Then I remember we’ve still got three more months of promotion for this movie, and that he has definitely been saving stories of his own terrible behavior to dole out in press tour rations. Stories like this one, of how he used random people as his guinea pigs in being a creepmonster.

I worked on the laugh, like, walking around the streets of New York and Toronto, and I kinda would walk around the streets and see what laugh would get under people’s skin. You know if you hear someone laugh loud at a restaurant? It’s a little jarring. Yeah, I tried them out. And I kind of got to a place where I would laugh and people always turn around like, “What is this creepy guy behind me?”

I imagine the rest of that mental quote is “Oh, it’s Jared Leto. Obviously.” Because Leto has reached the point where none of this crap is surprising. He walks around New York laughing maniacally, creeping people out and ruining their dinners? Yeah, of course he does. He also sends rats and used condoms to coworkers and is totally in character all of the time and blah blah fake Method bullshit blah. Please, Jared Leto, STOP TALKING. You’re making it really hard to want to see your movie. This isn’t as bad as Jamie Dornan following a woman off a train to see what being a stalker is like, but also, that shouldn’t be the bar by which we measure actors’ assholish behavior.

I think most people who were ever excited about Suicide Squad are still excited, but we’re conscious of the fact that we have to be excited DESPITE everything Jared Leto has said and done over the last six months. He’s almost turned this movie into a guilty pleasure, that we should be ashamed of. So please, Leto. For the love of a movie we really want to see. Stop. Saying. Words.

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