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Oh, F*ck Off, Bo Duke

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | June 13, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | June 13, 2018 |


John Schneider is best known as Bo Duke, one half of a duo on a show called The Dukes of Hazard, where he used to make moonshine and run from the cops in a car called the General Lee with the fucking Confederate Flag painted on the roof, a car horn that blared “Dixie,” and a cousin that the Duke Boys oggled at because she wore super short shorts.

I will never get over how fucked up that show was.

Anyway, John Schneider is the blond one up in that photo — the brunette is Tom Wopat. He was arrested last year for sexually assaulting a woman in a high school parking lot, and a search of his car revealed two bags of coke, so those Duke Boys are certainly living up to their outlaw reputations.

Anyway, Schneider had to spend a whole five hours in jail this week (on a three-day sentence) because he didn’t pay his alimony, but if you ask Schneider, he’s a victim of the system. He didn’t go to jail because he failed to support his kids, it’s because he voted for Trump, as he told Fox News:

“[Within the] court system, I was treated like I was guilty until proven innocent, like a second-class citizen,” he said. “I do think there’s a bias against conservatives, Republicans, in Hollywood, but I think if you let that alter how you are, then I question how you are,” he said. “If you believe it, speak it, live it.”

Dude. You served 5 hours, from 10:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon, for failing to pay $150,000 in delinquent alimony to a woman with whom you have three children and were married to for 21 years. That’s bias? You served 6 percent of your sentence and you think the court system treated you unfairly because you voted for Trump?

There are black men being shot to death for pulling out their cell phones in their own backyards, and this guy was treated unfairly?

Cool, cool.

On Tuesday, Schneider told Fox News that he was unable to pay his alimony due to high levels of debt and difficult financial times, and argued that the justice system supports those who feel entitled to receive money without working.

Yep, that’s exactly how the justice system works, John. It’s always playing favorites to the poor, unemployed folks.

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