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Nick Swardson Kicked Off Stage At His Own Show, Blames Edibles, Booze, and High Altitude

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | March 5, 2024 |

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | March 5, 2024 |

nick swardson bombs.jpg

On Sunday night, Adam Sandler bestie Nick Swardson performed his stand-up show at the Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Unfortunately, he did not get very far. After 20 minutes of wasted rambling, the venue killed Nick’s spotlight, then his mic, and escorted him off the stage.

Yesterday, Nick took to Twitter to blame his embarrassing bomb on alcohol, edibles, and the fact that he ingested both at a high altitude:

Pro tip: don’t get that effed up before a show, even if you’re performing at sea level. Take it from your pal Rob Schneider’s daughter, Elle King. At least Dolly Parton was not victimized on this particular occasion (as far as we know).

Obviously, videos of Nick’s messy performance found their way to the World Wide Web. In this one, Nick confusedly asks a booing audience what they’re “trying to say.” Then he attempts to tell a joke about kids and his late friend Norm McDonald:

In this vid, he announces that he’s going to “rally” and attempts a series of Jason Statham impressions. He tells the audience, “I swear to God… it’ll be f*cking amazing!” It… is not. And I don’t think it would have been even if he were dead sober:

Finally, the venue turns off Nick’s spotlight. But he doesn’t take the hint and keeps screaming stuff like, “What the f*ck?”, “Who here knows who Norm McDonald is?” and “LET’S GO!” That’s when they kill the comedian’s mic and a staff member escorts him away.

After Nick’s exit, the theater’s Director of Operations takes the stage to announce the decision to “conclude the show early in the best interest of those who bought tickets.” Later that night, the venue sent out emails apologizing for the “negative experience,” acknowledging the show did not meet their “standards as a world-class presenter of the performing arts,” and promising refunds. Damn, the Beaver Creek arts center handled that pretty well.

Here’s the footage of Nick’s exit:

There are a lot of wild moments in that last clip, but my personal favorite is when audience member Shelly runs into an old friend around 0:28 mark: “How are you, Shelly?” “I’m great! How old is your son now?” “Six.” “And your daughter’s… three or two?”