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Meghan McCain Dabbles in Islamophobia While Acting like America Is a Gay Paradise

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | June 26, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | June 26, 2019 |


Meghan McCain had quite the day yesterday as the entire internet went to town over her trademark ability to make every single subject about MY FATHER JOHN McCAIN (A subsidiary of Dead Dad Dynasty, LLC). On this particular occasion, Meghan actually had the bland vanilla balls to say that migrant children locked in concentration camps aren’t being tortured, and she would know because MY FATHER JOHN McCAIN couldn’t lift her over his head as a child after being the only person in the entire world who’s ever been tortured.

In short, Meghan teed herself up to be ruthlessly murdered, and ruthlessly murdered she was.

So after spending the past 24 hours licking her wounds and retweeting inspirational white lady sh*t from her dear friend and hero Mass Shooter Stacy, Meghan returned to The View for what had to be a much calmer day after kicking off the week with MY FATHER meltdowns and discrediting rape victims. Surely, she’d take a breather and restrict her outbursts to a sporadic, nasally, Roseanne Barr-esque “Ha!” here and there.


In an extremely weird segment on Iran, Meghan opened up her part of the discussion by flat-out revealing she gets all of her talking points from Tucker Carlson, which I’m sure is a shock to all of you. But in a genuinely surprising move, Meghan seemed to lean heavily towards non-intervention, which is an extremely stark contrast to MY FATHER’s view on what to do with Iran. He even wrote a song about it! On top of that, Meghan also had some strong words for John Bolton, who is all about the MY FATHER-style of dealing with Middle Eastern conflict. The whole thing was very strange, and then Sunny happened.

I don’t know what the hell was in Sunny Hostin’s tea this morning, but for some reason, she decided to make a very red meat, jingoistic remark about how she didn’t like how Iran questioned the mental health of our president. AS AN AMERICAN, Sunny just isn’t comfortable with a foreign leader correctly pointing out that Donald Trump is an impulsive rape-burger who has no f*cking clue what he’s doing. This little patriotic moment led to a fist-bump from Meghan, and that’s when Sunny should’ve realized she made a terrible mistake. The macaroni salad in human form is giddy? RUN.

With nationalism gleaming in her eyes, Meghan transformed herself into every single right-wing comment about how LGBT Americans should quit their bitching. Via Raw Story:

“When you are a leader of a country that throws gay people off of roofs for being gay, and stone women in the street for wearing tank tops, how dare you judge our country,” McCain said.

Without getting into the lack of nuance in Meghan’s remark, because she’s painting in very broad, xenophobic strokes and just straight-up arguing in bad faith, “Hey, at least we’re not throwing them off roofs,” should never be the gold standard for, and I can’t stress this enough, anything. It’s also noticeably similar to yesterday’s horsesh*t about how purposefully inflicting cruelty on children is nothing like being tortured in a POW camp. Which is a flimsy-ass argument full of gigantic holes that even John McCain could fly through without crashing. (Maybe.)

Fortunately, Whoopi Goldberg had no problem dropping a “Not today, Ranch Satan.”

“Let us not forget what’s happening to gay people in this country,” she said.

McCain rejected the comparison.

“But they’re not killed,” she said. “It’s not illegal to be gay here.”

Goldberg argued that she wasn’t paying close enough attention.

“Not yet, not yet,” she said. “You think this is not, you know, something that’s being thrown around?”

McCain said she’d never heard of that topic being discussed, and Goldberg urged her to pay closer attention.

“You should read more stuff in the newspapers and see what people are doing,” Goldberg said, and co-host Sunny Hostin pointed to the military’s ban on transgender troops.

In case these Meghan columns haven’t made it abundantly clear, I truly, deeply hate myself. And because of that fact — coupled with a side helping of being a moron — I’ve read way too many internet comments over the years, so I can safely say that Meghan’s argument is one of the most consistent right-wing talking points out there. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen some variation of, “If the gays aren’t happy here, why don’t they try living in the Middle East? Huur durr durr durr.”

Here’s the thing though: Fine, America isn’t throwing people off of roofs. Yay for us. But what America does do is allow a prominent political party to thrive on finding ways to make being LGBT a living hell by systematically denying them basic human rights, decency, and/or kindness. So, sure, most Americans aren’t out demanding that gays or transgenders be killed. We just continually elect a theocracy that makes sure that every moment that they’re alive is so goddamn miserable that they eventually kill themselves.

I guess you can argue that makes us better. I’m gonna go with it makes us worse.

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Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube