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So You'll Never Guess Who Meghan McCain Is Writing a Book About, She Barely Talks About Him

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | May 10, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | May 10, 2019 |


After getting brutally owned on Late Night with Seth Meyers, there were exactly two paths forward for Meghan McCain: Call in sick to The View like the last time she stepped in sh*t regarding Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, or once again remind the world that she’s John McCain’s daughter. A topic she rarely discusses, so I’m pretty sure I just blew your mind with that information.

You’ll never guess which path she chose.

Multiple sources told The Daily Beast that The View co-host has been shopping a book about her relationship with her late dad, who died last year after a battle with brain cancer. According to sources familiar with the pitch, the book would detail her thoughts on politics, largely through the lens of her father’s values and his approach to governance.

If you’re thinking that the title will probably be a bland, fart-puddle of entitlement like “My Dad, John McCain,” surprise, Meghan already used that one. You see, this will be Meghan’s second book about her dad because what the hell else is she going to write about? Her father-in-law? I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

Via The Guardian (emphasis mine):

Records reviewed by the Guardian and Pacific Standard show that a high-level interior official, Douglas Domenech, held meetings with a previous employer, the Koch-linked Texas Public Policy Foundation, while it was involved in legal action against the department.

Under the ethics rules of the interior department, a powerful agency that manages hundreds of millions of acres of federal land, employees are usually required to recuse themselves from working on specific matters that involve recent employers and that could create the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Just like her dear old dad — John McCain, the Senator John McCain — Meghan talks a big game about being a strong, independent Trump critic, but she conveniently leaves out how much water she carries for the administration on a daily basis. Did you know her husband’s dad works for Trump? Because I sure as hell didn’t. I only found out when recent reports claimed Meghan called in sick to The View (again) when Daddy Domenech was named in an ethics investigation.

And then there’s Maverick Daughter Jr.’s unusual stance on the president’s son refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena. Via Raw Story:

“You have to think about how insulated he is,” McCain said. “He pretty much only does interviews with people who are like-minded, people on Fox. He’s in circles where he’s, like, a beloved figure. It will be interesting to see someone who is insulated as a beloved figure be forced to testify.”

Hostin looked increasingly baffled by McCain’s comments.

“Is he beloved?” Hostin said.

McCain said that the president’s supporters loved him, but Hostin still wasn’t seeing it.

“I’m just,” she said, shaking her head in mystification. “I’m, like — it’s Donald Trump Jr.”

Co-host Joy Behar said she’d love to see Trump’s children forced to testify, but she wasn’t sure if she could trust the Republican Burr’s motives.

“He’s actually a really great guy,” McCain assured her. “He’s known for being really bipartisan.”

Donald Trump Jr. is known for being “really bipartisan.” Wow, Jesus Christ. I don’t know about you, but if my daughter wrote a book that accuses me of molding her political views and that was one of them, my ghost would haunt her until the day she died, and then I’d annoy the sh*t out of her for all eternity. (I’ll have time.)

Of course, these are just recent examples of how John McCain’s “governance” continues to live through his daughter Meghan McCain when, really, his politics have always blown. Particularly during his 2008 presidential run when he abandoned what few principles he had to pivot from a Goldwater Republican to a pseudo-Christian conservative in an effort to lock down the racist, evangelical vote, which rocketed American politics right into a spectacular f*ckhole of dumb with no escape.

Via Paste:

He would routinely ask crowds at his rallies, “Who is the real Barack Obama?” In reply he’d hear shouts of “Muslim!” and “Terrorist!” Hell, at that same Minnesota rally—before the woman asked about Obama’s ethnicity—the crowd had booed McCain when he tried to talk down another person who said Obama “cohorts with domestic terrorists.” Speakers at McCain campaign events regularly invoked Obama’s middle name “Hussein” to stir up racist, birther fears of a Manchurian Muslim terrorist. McCain knew what was going on, and he propelled it: That was the whole point of bringing Palin on board. McCain’s high-minded nobility act played well to moderates against the base, and Palin, the hope went, could be convincing enough a bigot to pull them out to the polls.

In fact, McCain’s myopic desperation to win the presidency gave a little daylight to the resentful racists destined to become Trump supporters. McCain, by association, conferred on this venomous lot the first wreaths of legitimacy. He took the mic away, sure: But first he gave it to them.

Is that stuff going to be in John McCain’s daughter’s book about her father John McCain? If not, then she should probably stick to making judgey, constipated faces at Joy Behar. We all have our lanes. Meghan’s just happens to be a mayonnaise water slide powered by obscene wealth and sh*tty role models.

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube