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Meghan McCain Thinks It Would Be 'Gangster' If Trump Replaced Pence With Nikki Haley

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | March 13, 2020 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | March 13, 2020 |


During a very weird and awkward audience-less The View that was pre-recorded in advance for Joy Behar taking a hiatus over coronavirus concerns — I’ll somehow blame Meghan for this in a minute. Don’t worry. — the panel turned to a discussion over who Joe Biden will pick as his running mate as he cinches the Democratic nomination. While the co-hosts walked through the frontrunners Stacey Abrams and Kamala Harris, Meghan McCain burst into the conversation to give her thoughts on what Trump might to do his ticket.

Via Raw Story:

“I still think, though, if he chooses a woman, Trump is going to kick Pence out and put in Nikki Haley,” she said. “Because I think they’re going to go toe-for-toe. Like you want to identity politics me, I’ll identity politics you. I think they’re gangster.”

Obviously, Meghan isn’t smart enough to come up with this one on our own. It’s been a prevailing theory for a while now that Trump could shove Pence off the ticket and replace him with Haley who’s been quietly proving herself a loyal subject to the Fungoid Dick Crown. And that theory has only expanded as Pence was put in charge of the coronavirus response, which is almost definitely going to be a shit show requiring a fall guy.

What’s interesting, besides Meghan’s almost translucently white use of the term gangster, is that after this quote, she slipped in there that “He’s going to win” as Joy began to argue that Pence appears to have strengthened his position with Republicans in recent days, which could secure his spot on the ticket. This led to admittedly one of the tamer spats between the two hosts, but no wonder Joy took a look at the coronavirus numbers and her age (She’s 77.) and decided to not risk spending her last days dodging pissy remarks from John McCain’s Jell-O powered offspring. That’s a solid call.

As for Meghan, just when it started to look like she’d really turned a corner on Trump, she’s still very much itching to see him win to stick it to liberals? Or just to be right? Who the hell knows at this point? But what I do know is that I will routinely fall for it week after week for you during these troubling times. Partially because I care, but mostly because my kids’ schools are closed now until at least the end of March, and I need to say stupid things like “Meghan is a blathering Honda Element full of racism and vinegar” on the internet or it’s about to get very The Shining up in here.

Daddy needs this.

P.S. Here’s the clip if you want to see Whoopi Goldberg dropping the bomb that she thinks Hillary Rodham Clinton should be Biden’s running mate, and remember how I mention a whole bunch of awkwardness? It starts there. (Sunny, I love you. You’re the MVP. But what is that laugh?)

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Header Image Source: The View/YouTube