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Meghan McCain Screams About Kurds, But Refuses To Back Impeachment

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | October 10, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | October 10, 2019 |


Meghan McCain won’t be on The View on Friday, so she went extra heavy on the drama Thursday morning by launching into a near-tears rant about Donald Trump abandoning the Kurds to be slaughtered by Turkey. In Meghan’s defense — Sorry, I thought my keyboard was about to burst into flames. — she is correct that we’re staring into the face of a horrific tragedy. It’s straight-up bullshit, and you know it’s bad when Fox News reporters like Jennifer Griffith are out here delivering messages from U.S. soldiers that America is f*cking up. That’s like checking on the canary in a coal mine and finding a tiny bird skeleton on a swing.

Via The Daily Beast:

Saying she was happy “there’s outrage on both sides” over this issue, McCain went on to note that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)—one of the few supporters in Congress of Trump’s decision—will be on The View on Friday but she will be off for “personal reasons.”

“I want you to ask him,” she addressed her colleagues. “There is blood on anyone’s hands, starting with him and President Trump’s, letting this happen because there are people being slaughtered after standing with our troops in the Middle East for an extremely long time fighting against terror cells!”

McCain continued: “And we are not entering into a foreign war. These are proxies supporting us. The whole point of having proxies is so we don’t get into another war! And I’m sorry, have we not learned the lessons of 9/11?! I don’t understand it. I’m sorry I’m upset, but this has been going on for weeks. These people are being killed and slaughtered!”

Again, Meghan is close to right. But like all things MY FATHER™, her outrage is very selective, and it only took a matter of seconds before it became painfully clear that she wanted this moment to be about what MEGHAN IS SAYING VERY LOUDLY and nothing else. I’m talking as soon as Sunny Hostin went to make a valid point, the whole panel went to shit. Turns out, this Turkey business is making more Republicans support impeachment, which is a pretty huge deal. Impeachment was a pipe dream barely a few weeks ago, and you’d have been out of your goddamn mind to say Republicans would even think of hopping on board, and yet here we are. That is no small thing.

So how does Meghan respond? By screaming “I cannot talk about impeachment!” because why would she want to stop the man who’s facilitating the genocide she had just worked herself into tears about? It literally took Whoopi Goldberg reining Meghan in twice before Joy Behar was able to address Sunny’s point.

Via Raw Story:

Behar argued that Republicans shouldn’t get credit for turning against Trump now that the public backed impeachment, because she said they had disgraced themselves by covering for all his previous abuses.

“These same people, Lindsey Graham, ‘Moscow’ Mitch (McConnell), all the rest of them, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes, all these despicable people, backed him,” she said. “That is who he is, and what makes you think he cares about innocent Kurds being slaughtered when he doesn’t care about innocent children being taken away from their parents? This is the same man.”

“So don’t tell me that the Republican Party is now standing up to him,” Behar added. “They should have done it before, and we wouldn’t be in this position.”

And here comes Meghan’s true colors, which should be an open and shut case if Hellman’s wants to sue for copyright infringement.

McCain said the president’s Middle East policy was inexcusable, but she didn’t see how it was relevant to impeachment.

“I think everything is bad,” she said. “I did not support what happened on the border, as you’re aware. I don’t care about impeachment right now. I think what is happening is so much gravely worse, and the ramifications going forward.”

Wow, goddammit. Okay, first off, Meghan may have paid some slight lip service to children being caged in concentration camps at our nation’s border, but for the record, she chose not to go on an emotional tangent decrying that particular atrocity. Instead, Meghan felt it was important to tell everyone that real torture is what her father went through in Hanoi. Thank you, Humanitarian of the Year, Meghan Maverick, Jr.

As for impeachment, Meghan has shown time and again that she will stop short of that threshold even though she loves to fancy herself some great Republican champion who consistently defies Trump. And you can tell she’s his fiercest critic by the way she paints the whistleblower as a partisan hack, constantly tries to undermine Adam Schiff, and thinks Trey Gowdy is a “brilliant orator” who’s going to absolutely destroy the Democrats just like he did with Benghazi. Remember when Hillary totally went to jail for Benghazi? Pure Gowdy.

On a final note, I have a severe lack of respect for my time and mental health, so I’ve been curious as to where exactly Meghan gets her talking points from. For a while, I just assumed it was Fox News with a dash of Ben Shapiro (and probably still is to an extent), but then I did a little digging, and the answer was staring me right in my stupid face. She’s parroting The Federalist. More specifically, she’s parroting the website published by her husband Ben Domenech, whom you’re never supposed to connect to Meghan or assume that they think alike just because they’re both rabid conservatives who vowed to only f*ck each other until they die. What’s wrong with you?

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