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Why Does No One on 'The View' Mention That Meghan McCain's Husband Publishes a Transphobic Website?

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | June 7, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | June 7, 2019 |


On Thursday, the ladies of The View smacked around the butthurt brain-geniuses behind the Straight Pride Parade. Which is good. Daytime audiences need to know that the concept is pure, uncut stupid on its face because literally every parade is a straight pride parade. Not to mention, it’s a goddamn recipe for disaster.

But while it’s great to watch Whoopi tell these sad sacks to let her know when they’re dragged behind a truck for being straight, Joy Behar went the extremely unhelpful route of “I bet they’re all in the closet,” which everyone really needs to pull back on. And sadly, I’m looking at you, Cap. As for John McCain’s daughter, well…

In Meghan’s defense, she does come out strong for the LBGTQ community. Her first remark is to champion the fact that Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema is bisexual. Which is interesting because Meghan was a very vocal critic of Sinema’s senate run. However, Meghan notably didn’t endorse Sinema’s Republican opponent Martha McSally because — wait for it — McSally didn’t mention John McCain’s name during a defense bill signing. Yup. As for whether any of that is a bellwether for the 2020 presidential election should the McCains throw their weight behind Biden, who the hell knows?

Anyway, Meghan also correctly highlighted that the Straight Pride Parade is outright horsesh*t by mentioning the fact that “trans women of color are being murdered” and “the idea that it’s still a comfortable place for the LGBTQ community in all spaces in this country is just not realistic.” To be honest, that is probably the most woke comment I’ve ever seen fly out of Meghan McCain’s face, so naturally, it rests above a spectacular layer of hypocrisy.

You see, while Meghan is oddly eager to boast about her husband Ben Domenech’s penchant for defending her honor by calling late night hosts cucks, she conveniently forgets he exists when it comes to LGBTQ issues. And why’s that? Because he publishes The Federalist, which has a long history of running transphobic articles. Including on the very same day that Meghan lamented the murder of trans-women.

If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because we literally did this exact same rodeo barely two months ago when Meghan received a diversity award from the Harvey Milk Foundation, and Parker Molloy rolled out a wheelbarrow of anti-LGBTQ articles from The Federalist. And if your response to this information is that Meghan shouldn’t be held responsible for her husband’s website, she sits on the goddamn board. Which heavily suggests at least part of the answer to “Who funds The Federalist?” is John McCain’s daughter.

In a direct parallel to the current debacle with YouTube, Meghan wants to slather herself with Pride colors while literally sharing a bed with the exact type of homo- and transphobic rhetoric that encourages the hate crimes she’s so concerned about. I mean, even if Meghan isn’t helping to bankroll The Federalist, she is rewarding its publisher with sex after a day of making LGBTQ American’s lives a living hell. And yet no one on The View calls her on it. Instead, Meghan’s treated to “yas queen” reactions when she comes out swinging against trans-women being murdered while her husband cashes a check for justifying those very same murders.

I know I crack jokes about having a weird, secret crush on Meghan to keep things light, but this situation is just so goddamn disgusting that I’m now very curious why she’s even on The View. What exactly is the point of having her on the show if no one is going to seriously question the true underpinnings of her politics? Not only does Meghan full-throatedly endorse a political party that is hell-bent on pushing the LGBTQ community back into the closet and denying their worth as human beings, but her own husband literally publishes hate speech on a website that she sits on the board of. How the hell do you let that slide?

If The View wants to quietly endorse that level of out-and-out hypocrisy for the sake of ratings, then it’s just as bad as Meghan and her husband when it comes to crushing LGBTQ lives under the wheel of greed. I don’t even have something clever or snarky to say to that. The whole show can go f*ck itself.

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube