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Meghan McCain Is Handling That 'New York Times' Op-Ed Well

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | January 16, 2020 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | January 16, 2020 |


On Thursday, The New York Times published an op-ed titled “‘The View’ Has a Meghan McCain Problem,” which in the words of the immortal bard: uh, no shit. Except I’m saying that as someone who covers Meghan way, way, way too frequently. I’m talking when I close my eyes, I can see her looking off-camera for her Ghost Dad to say, “Now, Meghan. Now is the time you make them all pay with blood.” So, to be clear, it’s absolutely a good thing that the Times published a piece that does an excellent job informing a ginormous readership that Meghan is not just a destructive force on The View, but on The Discourse at large. This excerpt alone is practically a work of art in its scathing accuracy.

For some viewers, Ms. McCain is the privileged product of conservative nepotism, capitalism and the American military-industrial complex. That coalescence naturally renders her a villain to progressives, who envision her as the cathartic personification of a punching bag on social media. Conversely, each pile-on reinforces her base with a narrative of the long-suffering victim of censorship.

This dynamic is a high-wire act that Ms. McCain takes pains to use to her advantage as often as possible.

Earlier this week, CNN ran a report that accused Meghan of creating a toxic work environment that forced her best friend Abby Huntsman to quit The View, and it flew by without John McCain’s daughter making a peep. Like a moron, I assumed she’d give the Times piece the same treatment, and NOPE. She is making a meal out of it.

Fortunately, in a delicious breath of fresh air, the author of the piece wasn’t here for Meghan’s bullshit.

To the surprise of no one, Ibrahim is correct that Meghan missed the point. The problem isn’t that she’s a Republican. The problem is that she’s a spoiled brat with a persecution complex. Although, that is the current theme of the party right now.

Anyway, with Ibrahim defending herself, Meghan now had more than enough ammo for a pity party and immediately got to work portraying herself as the unfairly censored beer heiress who can barely make it in this cold, cruel word — if you don’t count the supportive tweets from her filthy rich, white friends in the media.

True story that’s a callback to earlier in the piece where I said I’m a moron: I honestly never put two and two together that Meghan McCain basically works for Disney until this exact moment, so it looks like I have a whole lot of Star Wars boxer shorts to burn. If you’ll excuse me…

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube