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Meghan McCain Is Attacking The Squad Now, Of Course

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | July 16, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | July 16, 2019 |


Seen here bringing Pepto Bismol back and them mayo-farmers don’t know how to act, Meghan McCain made a predictable pivot on The View when she went from denouncing Donald Trump’s 100 percent racist tweets to immediately embracing the Republican talking point that The Squad had it coming. For example:

Now, surely, a galaxy-brained, independent intellect like Meghan McCain wouldn’t go so far as Nazi #1 and Nazi #2 here. Except, oh wait, she will and with a nice dose of saying Trump isn’t stupid, he just has no f**king clue how anything works. Which I’m pretty sure is the exact definition of stupid, but I don’t have a hate-boner for socialism, so I still remember that words mean things and don’t cease to exist the second after they leave your mouth. Which will become a theme here momentarily, but first…

Via Raw Story:

Co-host Joy Behar said he was “stupid” for launching those ugly attacks.

“I don’t think he’s stupid,” McCain countered, “but I don’t think he’s politically astute at all because the politics of this — on Friday night the progressives and Nancy Pelosi was full ‘Gangs of New York’-style fighting with one another on Twitter. It was fascinating to watch.”

“What’s interesting to me is ‘The Squad,’ for me right now, is the face of the Democratic Party,” McCain added, “and I believe that — again as everyone knows, their politics are far too left for me, far too radical. Ilhan Omar at a certain point, the House passed a resolution condemning hateful expressions of intolerance, which passed 47 to 123 because of her anti-Semitic comments.”

Right off the bat, remember when Meghan got absolutely waffle-stomped on Late Night with Seth Meyers because she’s incapable of handling even the slightest hint of criticism? That was over Ilhan Omar, so it’s a real mystery why Meghan singled her out. Luck of the draw, I guess. That said, Meghan is correct — about the part where she’s been gleefully following the AOC/Pelosi drama because she absolutely wants the Democratic Party to tear itself apart.

Here’s where things get Meghan-shaped. As a “hardcore conservative,” it actually makes sense that she’d want to see her ideological opponents kneecap each other in a fight over their party’s future. If the Republicans stopped being goose-stepping religious zealots for five seconds and started eating their own, I’d kick up my feet and say, “Yes, please, I’ll have this.” And, yet, somehow Meghan managed to contradict her completely understandable position after Sunny Hostin correctly pointed out that Fox News tells its viewers that The Squad is the face of the Democratic Party because nothing energizes Republicans like the threat of brown people. Apparently, Meghan doesn’t like being pegged as a Fox News viewer, which she demonstrated by making her daily reference to how much she loves watching Fox News while winding down with a smooth Jell-O shot and twirling AR-15s like a baton.

McCain then pushed back against Hostin — and contradicted her previous comments celebrating Democratic infighting and the role of the freshman lawmakers.

“I actually don’t want — I don’t like political infighting, in general, because I think the country is ripping itself apart,” McCain said. “I do watch Fox News every single night, and I think the idea that the Fox News viewer somehow wants this country or the Democratic Party to be tearing itself apart, that’s not who I am.”

Goldberg seemed confused by the abrupt about-face.

“Did you just say that?” she said.

Folks, normally, this is the part where I do a pithy response to whatever the hell Meghan blurted out during her designated minute when ABC feels daytime audiences’ lives will be enriched by hearing John McCain’s daughter regurgitate Fox News talking points, but this time, in the entitled tone of a pampered potato salad. Except nothing I will ever write can convey the looks on Whoopi and Sunny’s faces when Meghan literally just said, “Oh, I hate political infighting” not even two seconds after saying “Political infighting gets me HOT.”

I mean, look at these faces. Whoopi Goldberg has seen some sh*t in her life, and it’s like someone just landed a flying car on the stage.


As for Sunny? Well, Sunny is all of us, and if she’s reading this, LEAK MORE STUFF. Leak it for America!


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Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

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