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Meghan McCain, Like, Can't Even With Impeachment Right Now, It's Her Birthday, You Guys!

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | October 23, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | October 23, 2019 |


As The View’s resident shrieking white lady who gets all of her information from Fox News, Ben Shapiro, and her husband’s piece of shit website, it hasn’t exactly been shocking that Meghan McCain has been the last holdout on acknowledging the fact that Donald Trump needs to be impeached. MY FATHER™ was a diehard Republican through and through, so naturally, his only offspring would be the same. (Wait. She has how many siblings? Jesus.)

That said, it’s probably significant that even Meghan can no longer deny that Trump is guilty as hell after Bill Taylor’s damning testimony to Congress even if she immediately drops the subject because — wait for it — it’s her birthday. You cannot make this shit up. I’ve tried numerous times. Via Raw Story:

“This is just killing my vibe,” McCain said. “I’m sorry, it’s very bad.”

“Look, I can’t — I just can’t today,” McCain said. “I’m so sorry. I would love to stay on this, but it’s really bad. It looks like it’s highly unethical, and it looks like the smoking gun. That’s my political analysis for today. It’s my 35th birthday, and I want to move on.”

Only Meghan McCain can admit that the president almost definitely tried to blackmail a foreign country into interfering with an American election, killing God knows how many Ukrainians in the process, then turn around and say, “LOL who cares? It’s my berfday, y’all!”

And The View f*cking let her.

Not only did the panel discussion stop dead in its tracks, but apparently The View has a tradition of feting its host with celebrity birthday wishes. As for who the hell would show up for Meghan’s birthday? Welp…

Turns out Meghan is extremely horny for Paul Ryan, so now we know the one person, and one person only who flooded the basement after looking at this. (If anyone needs me I’ll be attempting to vomit so hard that my body rockets into the sun.)


Shooter Jennings also showed up and amazingly didn’t sing about Jell-O shots and bang-bang guns down by the crick, so I guess you could call this a protest performance? (God is dead.)

Again, this is what The View chose to air instead of continuing to focus on the fact that the evidence for impeaching Donald Trump has become so glaring that even Meghan McCain can’t wave it away even though she ultimately did. Because what’s really important in America right now is honoring the day a talk show host fell out of a hole that John McCain had sex with. #NeverForget

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Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

Image sources (in order of posting): The View/YouTube, TIME