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Meghan McCain Can Relate to Donald Trump Because She's Afraid of the Ebola Virus? What

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | June 18, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | June 18, 2019 |


Does your grandmother’s couch already look pissed even though it literally just sat down and the waitress is still handing out menus? Welcome to Meghan o’clock.

Donald Trump is a piece of sh*t who was elected by and for other pieces of sh*t. Every single one of his norm-shattering, or outright illegal actions is a terrifying glimpse into the psyche of a mentally unstable narcissist whose very presence in the White House suggests maybe democracy was a f*cking terrible idea. As most people who don’t mainline Fox News immediately deduced way back when Trump announced his candidacy slash white power jamboree by calling Mexicans rapists, there is one reaction, and one reaction only to anything the jaundiced rutabaga in a man-suit says or does: Wow, what a crazy idiot who’s going to kill us all.

For example, when Trump kicked Mick Mulvaney out of the Oval Office for coughing, there’s only one response to that: Wow, what a crazy idiot who’s going to kill us all. When it dredged up an old story about how Trump made Anthony Scaramucci get a shot in the ass on Air Force One because his voice sounded funny? Again, only one reaction needed: Wow, what a crazy idiot who’s going to kill us all. It applies to everything. Including horrifying revelations like the fact that our president slithers his tongue out like a snake when he talks.

Okay, maybe I’m stretching this bit too far because that’s actually some Biblical sh*t. It’s been a while since I’ve perused the Endgame parts of the New Testament, but I’m pretty sure there’s some stuff in there about a false prophet who speaks like a serpent, which means the Christian version of Armageddon might be in the mix. So bad news on that front, things are going to get hot. Possible good news, I think there’s a dragon?

Anyway, my point is that I will never understand anyone who defends Donald Trump. Especially someone like Meghan McCain, who has spent the past year watching our doddering bumblef*ck make it very clear that if he could open up John McCain’s grave and directly piss into it, he would. And not just because our president loves pee, but because he genuinely hates Senator McCain. He’s practically his arch-nemesis, but you know, dead.

Yet here’s Meghan going to bat for Trump on the Mulvaney coughing thing, which should’ve been one of the easiest topics for Meghan to front that she’s his “fiercest” critic even though she’s not at all, and can we get some more abortion bans, please? She’s John McCain’s daughter.

Via Raw Story:

“My No. 1 fear in life, in general, above all things, is getting the Ebola virus, above all else,” McCain said. “It’s my biggest fear in the entire world.”

Her comment seemed to amuse co-host Joy Behar, who cracked a grin.

“Ebola virus?” Behar said. “Do they have that here?”

McCain grew alarmed at the memory.

“Yes, it’s been here,” she said. “Remember? I’ll never forget. But I literally, anytime anyone starts coughing or whatever — you know, we see it here. You can get all the hosts sick. We have been sick here at the same time. I am that person, I would probably make someone leave if they were, like — I’m a germaphobe.”

Again, we have a wildly inept president booting the Chief of Staff out of the room because he’s distracting Trump from making duck lips at the camera, and yet Meghan McCain is going to give a pass to the guy who would blow up an orphanage if it had her father’s name on it because she’s afraid of the Ebola virus?

Yup, it’s definitely the End Times, and clearly the most dumbass American version possible. What’s next? The Mark of the Beast is going to be the Monster logo?

Oh goddammit.

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Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

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