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Meghan McCain's Husband Is Selling 'Kamala Is a Cop' T-Shirts Now

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | June 24, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | June 24, 2019 |


For over a decade now, Meghan McCain has worked to brand herself as one of the “good” Republicans even though she brings absolutely nothing to the table except for popping out of a body cavity that John McCain used to intercourse. For Chrissakes, even he fired her from his campaign, but never underestimate America’s ability to put rich blonde girls with famous last names on TV. Anyway, Meghan has been a consistent advocate for LGBTQ rights, and that very minimum amount of human decency does place her significantly above the majority of conservatives. However, she also used to be against repealing Roe v. Wade, but has recently adopted a more Trumpian stance on abortion. Not to mention she’s been a gun-nut this whole time, so it seems pretty safe to say “I support LGBTQ rights” is Meghan’s “I marched with MLK once.” A bullsh*t shield to deflect from all of the myriad ways that she sucks big time.

If you think it’s random that I brought up the Extremely Online Left in the context of Meghan McCain, let’s take a look at what her husband is up to lately.

For the record, “Kamala is a cop” is a criticism favored by crazy-eyed Bernie Sanders zealots in an attempt to paint Kamala Harris as an authoritarian because of a decades-old truancy law, which she regrets enforcing as district attorney, that cited parents if their children missed school. (None of the parents were jailed.) However, what the catchphrase suggests is that an old, white millionaire who is against reparations, voted for Joe Biden’s crime bill, and resorts to basically saying “Some of my best friends are black” when asked what he’ll do about white supremacy is the better choice for the African-American community. It’s so obvious to anyone who’s not an establishment shill, amirite?

As for why The Federalist would sell these shirts considering the right-wing view on cops is “murder all the brown people you want,” banking on the destructive shittyness of BernBros is a pretty solid plan when it comes to re-electing Trump. What better way to take down Democratic candidates than watching Leftists gleefully do it for you?

In the meantime, an interesting thing happened after Joan Walsh tied Meghan’s “good” conservatism to her husband’s white power, transphobic rag: She actually acknowledged the criticisms over being married to the publisher of The Federalist albeit in the least surprising way possible. It’s almost hilarious how predictable her reaction is.

Is Meghan suggesting people bring their political issues up with Domenech or her dead father? I honestly don’t know because let’s not pretend it couldn’t very easily be the latter. I’d probably put money on it. At any rate, here she is trying to act like her marriage harkens back to the quaint days of James Carville and Mary Matalin as if concentration camps on American soil haven’t made it clear that the times have changed pretty f*cking significantly. (Nor were the old days as innocent as Meghan likes to believe.)

Also, I should probably mention that Meghan sits on the board of The Federalist, which she likes to omit when acting like her husband is an entirely separate entity whose job is a complete and total mystery to her.

Jesus Christ. I love how Meghan McCain acts like her marriage is on par with her going to work for Marvel while her husband clocks in at DC Comics. Isn’t that wacky?! She’s glossing over some pretty huge discrepancies. Specifically, how she’s an award-winning advocate for LGBTQ rights while her husband publishes homophobic and transphobic rhetoric for the express purpose of stripping the group Meghan claims to fiercely protect of basic civil rights. Not to mention that rhetoric often leads to suicide and/or hate crimes committed against the LGBTQ community.

So, no, Meghan, you don’t get to act like the difference here is you like McDonald’s, but he likes Burger King. It’s you receive awards for championing a marginalized group, and he tries to get them goddamn killed. You can wink emoji that all you want, but it ain’t cute, and it sure as shit ain’t funny.

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