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Meghan McCain Tried to Take on Pamela Anderson, Julian Assange, and Bernie Sanders All in One Day (It Didn't Work)

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | September 6, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | September 6, 2019 |


I don’t know what the hell Meghan McCain is doing this season on The View, but if I had to take a guess, I’m pretty sure she spends her evenings pounding White Claws while rabidly digesting Fox News and Ben Shapiro tweets. At some point, her dipshit husband will yell, “Meghan, what is the sole purpose of the United States government?” and she’ll respond back “To stay the hell away from my guns and drown in the bathtub, sir!” In other words, she’s off her f*cking gourd. Not that Meghan used to be a reliable fount of nuanced thought and opinion, but there has been a noticeable dissent into unabashed right-wing zealotry that started with her outright threat to murder cops who come near her precious AR-15.

That said, I’m not about to instantly side with anyone who shows up on The View and decides to do battle with whatever random words are flying out of Meghan’s trash compactor of a mouth. Sometimes two idiots arguing on daytime TV is just two idiots arguing on daytime TV, which is exactly what happened when Pamela Anderson stopped by the panel to stump for Julian Assange. Just so all of my cards are on the table here, I’m not exactly a fan of Assange, nor do I think he’s some transcendent martyr of journalism who deserves fanatical praise and adoration. Is there a complex discussion to be had about government secrets? For sure. Is that happening on the goddamn View? Haha, no.

On the other end of that spectrum, I have a long documented history declaring Meghan McCain as a giant blueberry that personifies everything wrong with white conservatism. Watching her step in shit in a desperate attempt to own the libs gives me life, but even I wouldn’t characterize what went down with Anderson like this.

Via Splinter (of course):

Today on the surreal public affairs program The View, Pamela Anderson, most recently an outspoken supporter of Julian Assange and a woman whose politics are actually quite good, was in the hot seat. She masterfully proceeded to fend off numerous broadsides from John McCain’s daughter, made excellent points, and generally gave us very entertaining television by breaking every hosts’ brain.

Here’s a more accurate take: Anderson did her usual Assange evangelizing including softening his alleged involvement in helping Donald Trump win the 2016 election. In the midst of all that, Meghan obnoxiously squawked about “cyberterrorist” and suddenly became very concerned about the safety of the very same government she threatened to shoot in the face not even three days ago. Although, Anderson did make a point about how the military puts more American lives at risk than WikiLeaks, and Meghan got so mad she literally yelled “Oh calm down, sir” at a dude clapping in the audience.

But as great at it was to see Meghan get so pissed that it’s a miracle a security team didn’t rush out and stun her before she charged, again, sometimes two idiots arguing on daytime TV is just two idiots arguing on daytime TV. There are no winners here. Especially when one of those idiots also threw a hissy fit over eugenics because Bernie Sanders said reasonable words about population control in relation to climate change. (It was Meghan. Meghan was that idiot.)

In a nutshell, Bernie agreed that having access to birth control is a crucial issue in regard to climate change. Families should have the ability to decide when and when not to have children especially when parts of the planet are going to become uninhabitable. We’re talking very practical and reasonable concerns that, naturally, conservatives twisted into a call for eugenics. Meghan and S.E. Cupp couldn’t stop texting each other about it!

Despite Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg repeatedly spelling out that what Bernie said is absolutely not eugenics, Meghan wouldn’t shut up about how Democrats are putting America on a path to having a one-child policy like China, and that surely minorities like Sunny and Whoopi should know that eugenics will target them first. Fortunately, this was one of those days where Whoopi was not having it.

Via Raw Story:

“Let’s be clear about what he is saying,” Goldberg said. “Let’s not make something up when it’s not what he said, because when you bring in eugenics, that’s a different conversation. That is the controlling of a population because you don’t like the size of your nose or they’re too dark.”

McCain interjected to say that eugenics disproportionately impacts minorities and people with disabilities, but Goldberg said that was beside the point.

“Eugenics doesn’t have anything to did with minorities or anybody else,” Goldberg said, over McCain’s protest, “and I will say this to you also. Think about all the women in Ireland who for years just wanted birth control, they just wanted birth control because they live in a Catholic country that said you cannot have it.”

“They were having an insane amount of children,” Goldberg added. “What these women fought for and pressed for and marched for and got was the right to make that decision for themselves. I think that’s clearly — and maybe I misinterpreted it, but when he says, I think especially in poor countries around the world, where women do not necessarily want to have large numbers of babies, and where they can have the opportunity through birth control to control the number of kids they have, that’s something I support. That’s different than eugenics.”

To the surprise of no one, Meghan absorbed literally none of that and continued to spurt and sputter about how “alarmed” she was at Bernie’s words while Abby Huntsman backed her up because apparently that’s going to be a thing now and presumably explains Ana Navarro’s absence. The View: Now with TWICE the nepotistic white ladies!

But like I said earlier, Whoopi had zero f*cks to give today and shut that shit right down:

Huntsman was also alarmed, and the panelists argued over Sanders’ meaning, but Goldberg stepped back in again to restore order.

“Listen, you can be pissed at what he said all you want to,” she said, “but report it correctly.”


Now, just for the record, because Meghan McCain sure as shit doesn’t keep track of the things Meghan McCain says, which would require a sense of shame and a life that isn’t blindingly free of consequence: She’s advocating for both unfettered population growth and unfettered access to assault weapons all at the same time. So basically, in Meghan’s ideal society, you better be shooting out a baby or literally shooting a gun, if not both. (“It’s mah American RIGHT to graze a wet nurse!”) That’s the voice ABC News thinks America needs to hear because it started out as John McCain’s sperm.

Awesome, awesome. We’re all gonna die.

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Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

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