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Meghan McCain and Her Husband Are the Black Panthers of Guns Now

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | September 4, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | September 4, 2019 |


Normally, this is the part where I talk about whatever mouth-farts Meghan McCain made on The View today, but since she mostly took obnoxious but not entirely incorrect potshots at Bernie Sanders, I want to zoom in on the past 24 hours where Meghan and her husband Ben Domenech have been doing their damnedest to position themselves as the New Black Panthers of Guns. It’s, uh, it’s some sh*t.

For a quick refresher, Meghan threw a full-on tantrum during The View season premiere by defending the AR-15 and adamantly refusing to hear any sort of argument on banning the weapon to prevent future mass shootings. “I’m not living without guns!” she literally yelled while levitating above the panel like a Macy’s balloon from hell. Keep in mind, this was barely two days after a shooting in Odessa left several dead and a 17-month-old baby with a bullet wound to the face. Making matters even worse is Meghan’s best friend Abby Huntsman had just brought her newborn twins onto the show, and Meghan’s response to Abby’s justified concerns about her children not getting shot was essentially, “Tough titties. I know how to protect myself.” The whole situation was spectacularly tone-deaf — even for Meghan — and it also didn’t help that she threatened violence if politicians tried to ban assault weapons. You know, because things have been so calm and peaceful out here in America. (Bullet-shot baby, anyone?)

But if Meghan’s meltdown was intended to make headlines, it worked. Turns out people take notice when a daytime talk show host practically sucks on an assault rifle in the direct aftermath of a mass shooting and basically endorses murdering cops. By the afternoon, Meghan was trending on Twitter, but unlike her usual f*ck-ups on The View, she seemed a little too prepared to double down on this one.

I believe the words you’re looking for are, “What a stupid-ass flex, you callous, nepotistic f*ck factory of death.”

Just so we’re clear, this is Meghan McCain taking a victory lap after she literally argued on live TV that she doesn’t care how many innocent people die, she’s gonna play with her military-grade toy. Very pro-life of you, Meg.

It also didn’t take long for her husband and The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech to get in the mix, and the two immediately latched onto Nazi Pirate Dan Crenshaw’s tweet that argued we shouldn’t even have background checks. Which, for the record, is one of the things that both sides of the argument have generally agreed on. And yet here’s Captain Alt-Rightica not even bothering to move the Overton Window, he’s just gonna drywall right over it and I’m guessing soundproof it so that he’s not disturbed by the sound of babies getting shot.

When AOC correctly pointed out that Crenshaw is admitting to some very dangerous shit, John McCain’s son-in-law rushed to his defense, and surprisingly, this wouldn’t be the stupidest thing Team Shooty Jell-O said during this debacle.

Just to put a pin in the theory that Navy SEALs are infallible human beings who would never be domestic abusers like a staggering percentage of the military, Chris Kyle lent a gun to a buddy one time. Ask him how that worked out.

But like I said, somehow this wasn’t the stupidest thing that the new Sheriffs of Gun Town had to say. That would be pampered-ass Ben Domenech — whose family name has protected him from plagiarism and accepting bribes from the Malaysia government — comparing the “struggles” of wealthy, white gun owners such as himself and his Stay-Puft bride to the plight of the Black Panthers. Yup.

For the record, the NRA backed Reagan’s open carry ban after the Black Panthers started doing armed patrols, and surprise, there was not a bloodbath or anything resembling the redneck civil war that Meh-Gun promised. Although, this little factoid does prove that gun ownership in America has always been built on racism, so excellent example, Sergeant History. You totally didn’t just shoot yourself in the foot here, which is far more likely to happen than you fighting off the federal government from the comfort of your posh Manhattan apartment. Will we be seeing you on the battlefield or will you just tweet about it from brunch?

I can’t help but feel that McPlagiarist and Wife are working some sort of angle here because this is an unusually aggressive stance for Meghan to take. She’s always been confrontational about conservative topics, but to a point. This situation feels different. Not only did she stiff-arm Abby Huntsman on her very first episode back but Meghan continued fanning the flames on Twitter. We could be seeing the opening phase of her next venture after The View, which I’m guessing involves some sort of gun humping in opposition to whatever reasonable laws a potential Democratic administration might try to enact. If there’s a baby that was protected from being shot in face, you can count on Meghan to say, “Well, maybe it should because I like that pew-pew sound with mah rum and coke. This is TEERNEE!”

Or these two idiots are just simply being idiots. Never rule that out.

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube