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Meghan Markle's White Family Members Continue To Be The WORST

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | December 17, 2018 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | December 17, 2018 |

Meghan Markle Getty 2.jpg

I think everyone has been kind of waiting for ‘the Meghan Markle backlash’ to hit. Inevitably, all in the public eye will face it, especially women, even more so women of colour who are living good lives in the upper echelons of privilege. Markle was The Story of 2018 in celebrity circles for obvious reasons, and for the most part, the unnecessarily cruel British press were half decent about covering the Royal Wedding. There were obvious racist and sexist angles, but I think we were expecting more if only because the tabloids here are habitual line steppers. The past few weeks have been especially harsh to Markle, who is currently pregnant with her first child. She *gasp* showed up at a public event wearing dark nail polish and holding her bump, which led to cries of her being indecent and going against royal protocol. A news report on Channel 5 featured an ‘expert’ claiming she’s was crossing too many lines. We know what that means. Then there were endless reports of her being ‘difficult’, usually contrasted with nice polite and obedient Kate Middleton. Keep in mind that for a while now we’ve had a lot of snide gossip about Middleton being too bland and passive, so there’s no winner here except when the tabloids want to create a cat fight. And we all know what it means when a black woman is called ‘difficult’.

Now the rancid sock sweat turned human that is Piers Morgan is back on his bulls—t. You may remember how he has been eager to remind everyone that he and Markle knew each other for a while, with him claiming she ditched their BFF glory for Prince Harry because she’s such a social climber. It’s desperate ego, as all things with Morgan are, but it takes on a whole new angle of insidious manipulation when you keep in mind how often Morgan has had Markle’s sh-tty half-sister Samantha on his show, Good Morning Britain. Now, he’s inviting Markle’s estranged father on to continue his public gaslighting of his daughter.

This is the same Father of the Year who staged paparazzi shots before her wedding. He’s been on the anti-Meghan bandwagon for a while now, giving private photos to British newspapers and giving lots of statements to TMZ. This morning, he was back on Good Morning Britain with Morgan.

Honestly, this is unbearable to watch.

I don’t know the ins and outs of Meghan’s relationship with her estranged family. We know they weren’t at her first wedding and we know she’s much closer to her mother. We also know that her dad and half-siblings did not pull these public stunts before she was involved with Prince Harry. Whatever happened in her life that lead her to the decision to cut her dad out of it was probably not an easy decision, nor was it one made with impunity. Cutting toxic people out of your life is often incredibly difficult but highly necessary for one’s mental, emotional and physical health.

What Thomas Markle and Samantha Grant are doing right now is gaslighting. This is highly public emotional manipulation and blackmail, aided by the racist and sexist British press who love nothing more than to tear women to shreds. I bring your attention to this morning’s interview not to give Thomas Markle publicity but to offer a counterpoint to the overwhelming tabloid narrative that Meghan is the one at fault here. She isn’t. She owes these people nothing, and I’m genuinely upset on her behalf that she has to go through all this on the international stage.

So f—k you, Piers Morgan, for turning your pathetic ego boost into an excuse for a man to bully his daughter. F—k you, British press, for your eagerness to make a woman of colour into a ‘difficult b-tch’ stereotype to sell papers. And f—k you, Thomas Markle. You don’t deserve to be a father to Meghan. She clearly thinks so too.

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