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Meghan Markle in 'Pregnant Woman Has Large Bump and Touches It In Public' Scandal!

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | January 28, 2019 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | January 28, 2019 |

Meghan Markle Getty 3.jpg

It didn’t take long for the British press to turn on Meghan Markle, A.K.A. the Duchess of Sussex. Indeed, they were ready to tear her to shreds the moment they realized the country’s most popular royal was in love with a mixed race American divorcee actress. They can’t help themselves. I mean, yes they can, but they’re especially passionate about tearing down women in the public eye, particularly when they marry into The Firm. So far, Meghan’s been attacked for her race, her divorce, her acting gigs, and her clothes. Her sh*tty father and half-siblings have practically galloped towards attention in order to publicly humiliate and gaslight her. The catfight narrative between her and Kate Middleton rages on (funny how the same press who spent years complaining Kate was lazy and boring and too practiced now find her to be the perfect victim for an ‘angry black woman’ story). Now, as the due date of her first child nears, Meghan has been criticized for… Being pregnant?

The Daily Express, a very pro-royals and highly conservative newspaper, published a piece titled, ‘Have you noticed this little move Duchess has been doing with baby bump?’ Said move is *checks notes* wearing well-fitted clothing and touching her bump a lot in public. Oh the horror! Apparently dressing in a manner that may draw attention to the massive protruding belly is uncouth or something. What should she be wearing? Ponchos? Sacks? Or should she just take to her room like a Regency heroine until the baby has arrived and she’s dropped all the weight and is once more ‘presentable’ to the world?

Royal pregnancies are a weird British fetish (and international one too, as our Royals are basically the posher Kardashians in terms of press coverage). When Kate Middleton was pregnant with Prince George, the press were obsessed with monitoring any progress and seemed mad whenever she wore less fitting coats and dresses to conceal the bump. It was as if they were owed every curve of her body now that she was pregnant with the heir. Now, Meghan’s being criticized for being ‘too on show’.

And as for holding her belly too much? You try strapping a ten-pound medicine ball to your stomach for several months and see how often you need to rebalance yourself or ease the searing back pain. Or maybe she just likes feeling her kid move around? Christ, let a woman be.

I’m dreading the next needlessly nasty criticism Meghan gets, and I’m not even pro-Royal. See what the British press has done to me!

Oh and yes, there are Meghan pregnancy conspiracy theorists. Fuck these people.

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