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Meghan Markle Trooping the Colour Getty Images 1.jpg

Why Are People Unnecessarily Mad At Meghan Markle Today?

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | June 17, 2019 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | June 17, 2019 |

Meghan Markle Trooping the Colour Getty Images 1.jpg

It’s been about six weeks since Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor joined the world and made everyone coo at him adorably, including us anti-monarchists (dammit). The British press took a breather to stop blaming Meghan Markle for everything wrong with the planet long enough to get excited about a new royal baby, but of course, that couldn’t last. Call it press maternity leave or something. Meghan has stayed out of the public eye by and large since giving birth, because seriously, why do we demand that these poor women parade themselves around town after pushing a literal human out of their bodies? We should be thankful Meghan’s even able to stand!

So why are people mad at her today? Blame it all on Instagram.

The Sussex pair have played a very savvy social media game since joining the site. They already have 8.6 million followers and have cultivated a strong Instagram presence that is both informative to their causes and aesthetically pleasing. Hey, Meghan was basically an influencer before she got married so it’s no wonder she’s good at this. Archie has not been featured much on the site, as the family have chosen to keep him mostly out of the public eye. But for Father’s Day, he did make an appearance.

Aww! Cute AND artsy! So very Instagram.

But some things in life are inevitable: Death, taxes (unless you’re royal), and people getting mad at your spelling and grammar on the internet.

A ‘royal expert’ from E! News called Melanie Bromley said she was left ‘cringing’ at how the Sussexes ‘keep making mistakes on their Instagram. There is a website that points them out every single time they post.’I was curious as to what website was angry about these errors, but given the conspiratorial hostility Meghan faces and the sheer level of violent hatred directed towards her from such sites, I decided not to check. It’s bad enough I’ve got YouTube recommending me videos claiming to be ‘proof’ that Archie is a Real Doll. This f*cking planet.

So what is the egregious error that has poor Melanie so wound up? Apparently, in a post dedicated to Earth Day, the caption read ‘everyday’ instead of ‘every day’. I know, fetch the smelling salts. How ever can Meghan atone for these sins?

But the anger this has drummed up is nothing compared to the press outrage over rumours that Meghan will be acting as guest editor for an upcoming edition of Vogue dedicated to female empowerment. According to the Daily Express and our old pal Melanie, it ‘could be seen as quite dangerous’ for Meghan to express a strong viewpoint on issues as controversial as ‘women are people’.

But wait, there’s more?!

Trooping the Colour took place, which is basically the fancy British royal parade thing that everyone outside of the UK imagines the British royals do every day. The usual tinhatters decided that a pretty innocuous clip of Meghan and Harry speaking together on the balcony of Buckingham Palace was evidence of… oh Christ, I don’t even know anymore. Suddenly everyone on Twitter turned into a lip-reader to ‘prove’ that Meghan was being rude or told off or something something evil Meghan is destroying the monarchy. It didn’t help that one of the most viral versions of this video was edited in a way that made things look far more serious than they were, but here’s the actual clip.

This has been your regular reminder to just let Meghan Markle f*cking live, okay?!

Header Image Source: Getty Images.