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Meghan and Harry Paid Off Frogmore Cottage and The British Press STILL Aren't Happy

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | September 8, 2020 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | September 8, 2020 |

Meghan Markle Harry Getty 2.jpg

After signing a major deal with Netflix, Team Sussex are officially on the path to becoming 100% financially independent from the British royal family. They’re already paying a mortgage on a lavish house in Los Angeles and they’re in the midst of setting up their new charitable foundation. All in all, they’re on the path to success.

One of the requirements for their official split from the House of Windsor was to pay back the renovation costs on their British residence, Frogmore Cottage. This issue became a major battering ram for which to attack Harry and Meghan as ‘proof’ that they were entitled divas who were bleeding the taxpayers dry. Nevermind that Frogmore Cottage was, prior to their wedding, already in the line-up for future royal renovations and that this process was commonplace for practically every other royal. They were also a lot cheaper than the work that went into the Cambridges’ renovations, but you know, one rule for the Black lady, another for everyone else.

Well, Harry and Meghan are using their money wisely and it was officially announced that they had paid off the £2.4 million renovations in full.

Go splash that Netflix cash!

So that’s it, right? What’s left for the British press and the usual gaggle of talking-heads for-hire to complain about? The taxpayers aren’t funding the Sussexes. They’re not beholden to the demands of an archaic institution. They’re earing their own money and getting on with it. Case closed, yes?

Ha. Ha. Haaaaa.

OF COURSE the British press are still angry. As always, the goalposts are being moved constantly. Yes, they had to pay off the costs, but not like this. Not so obviously. How dare they take Hollywood money! They didn’t earn that Netflix job like us regular joes would. They’re so classless for monetizing the royal brand. Not like literally everyone else in the family, including Harry’s cousin Peter Phillips, who recently did an advert in China for a milk brand that involved him standing in a CGI palace.

(Seriously. That happened. It’s weird.)

This was the front page of today’s Daily Star, a tabloid that makes The Sun look like Proust.

The sheer levels of ‘I’m not owned’ coming from the rags today is hilarious. That £2.4 million doesn’t go to the taxpayers. It’s not going to help some underfunded parts of the public sector or charity. It’s going back into the Queen’s pockets. The Sovereign Grant is an act of British Parliament that awards annual funds to the monarchy for their official duties. That Frogmore Cottage money came from there and now it’s going back into the fund. Sorry, anti-Meghan ‘activists.’ You didn’t win anything. You just gave the Queen a bit more money for her to spend on ivory backscratchers and keeping her accused sex offender son out of the spotlight.

Speaking of Prince Andrew, do you know who paid for renovations to his resident, Royal Lodge? That’s a-bingo. I’m guessing there were no major protests from the press over that little oopsie.

Death to the monarchy.

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