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Megan Fox Helpfully Lists All The Plastic Surgery She's Had

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | March 20, 2024 |

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | March 20, 2024 |

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I absolutely love it when celebrities come clean about their plastic surgery. Is it any of my business? God no. Are they entitled to their privacy? Of course. Do the gossip demons that live in my brain still hunger for every single detail of their nips and tucks? You betcha! So you can imagine my delight when I read that Megan Fox listed all her surgeries while guesting on the podcast Call Her Daddy.

37-year-old Megan tells host Alex Cooper that she’d like to reveal everything she’s had done in the hopes that it “sets some people free” (obviously she’s referring to my brain demons). Megan says her Instagram haters accuse her of perpetuating “an unhealthy standard of beauty,” but she knows that even when she does come clean, they’ll still troll her:

“And so here I am. I’m gonna be fully transparent. I still won’t win, because there are some girls who have been transparent… someone like a Kylie [Jenner] has been very transparent. That is not helping her, women are still brutally dragging her just the same.”

First, Megan goes through what she hasn’t had done. No face lift, lateral brow lift (“although I would like one”), thread lift (“I’m scared they’d interfere when I do need to have a face lift”), buccal fat removal, or any other kind of fat removal like liposuction. Megan says she’s too lean to get any fat removed; she’ll only ever add fat to her face or body.

The actress also hasn’t gotten a BBL (Brazilian butt lift). For that surgery, doctors take fat from your stomach and pump it into your butt. Alas, Megan just doesn’t have the belly fat to spare: “If I could, I would.” She also says the recovery is way too intense for her.

Now, for what she has had done. Megan got a boob job when she was “21 or 22”, had them re-done when she was finished breastfeeding her children, and then re-done again “very recently” because she didn’t have “enough body fat to disguise, you could see the rippling of the implant.”

Despite all the surgeries, Megan says she hates going under the knife. Her body does not react well to general anesthesia, and “it’s a very traumatizing experience”:

“So when I got to have a surgery, it’s a very big deal. And all my doctors have to meet with me before and have to tell me if they’ve seen any omens, if they’ve seen any owls, crows, if anyone stepped on a spider, if there are any dead insects.

My doctors have to go through this with me because I’m very afraid of dying under general anesthesia. So I don’t take surgery lightly, and therefore I have not had many of them, because of that. So that’s probably a saving grace that I have this paranoia or this fear, cuz God knows what I would have been up to.”

Megan’s current set of implants is a 32D. She says she told her doctor that she didn’t care if smaller breasts were “on trend,” she wanted “1990s stripper titties.” That way, she wouldn’t have to get another surgery to make them bigger. Smart.

As for her face, Megan gets Botox and fillers. Despite being accused of having “six, seven, eight” nose jobs, Megan claims she only got one rhinoplasty in her early twenties. She and her makeup artist use contouring to make her nose “look tiny, like a little elven princess”: “I like to contour it down so it’s just nostrils, like Voldemort.”

Megan says there’s one final procedure she’s done, but she won’t name it cuz because she’s “gatekeeping.” How mysterious. Hopefully it’s a Machine Gun Kelly removal. Speaking of, Megan confirms the rumor that she and MGK called off their engagement, but says she will “always be connected to him somehow.” She doesn’t explain what that means.

Here’s Megan talking about plastic surgery on Call Her Daddy:

Don’t get any ideas, Chelsea from Love Is Blind. You’re beautiful just as you are.