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Some Advice for Laurence Fox: Maybe Don't Call Random People 'Pedophiles' Online?

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | October 5, 2020 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | October 5, 2020 |

Laurence Fox YouTube.jpg

We talked about Laurence Fox last week, the actor-turned-right-wing-bigotry-spewer who is desperately trying to re-imagine himself as a scrappy underdog of free speech and a hero for the ‘silent majority’ of people who are too scared to be racist outright. We also talked about how he’s oddly not very good at it. You’d think a privileged white dude from a famous family with absolutely no idea of what he’s talking about would be ready-made for this nonsense but alas, the poor former Mr. Billie Piper really thinks he’s the good guy here. Dude, you can’t sell yourself as the political equivalent of a pantomime villain then be angry when people boo you.

I honestly thought it would take him a bit longer to get this unhinged, but 2020 is a year of changes and contrasts. Over the weekend, Fox expressed his er… outrage (?)over the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s announcing their support for Black History Month. He announced that he would be boycotting the store over what he deemed to be a racist policy, because of course he thinks this. He’s not too bright. He claims this will ‘promote racial segregation and discrimination.’ At yes, the age-old form of racism based on… *checks notes*… a corporate entity asking for respect for the people of color in their staff? Where are my pearls, for I must clutch them.

Twitter responded accordingly, mostly by laughing at him, which seems to upset him more than people calling out his obvious idiocy. He responded by… calling them pedophiles…

I’m not joking.

Like I said, not very bright.

Fox has now deleted these tweets, probably because somebody informed him of how libel works and that he could stand to lose a lot of money over this crap. His ‘apology’ is one of the most hilariously pig-headed things I have ever read.

See, YOU’RE the real bigot here because you called him a racist, which he clearly isn’t. He’s just a regular salt-of-the-earth guy who frequently insults Black Lives Matter, claims that Meghan Markle was never a victim of racism, thinks that Black History Month is a form of racial segregation, and is now making a living off of being the so-so actor who will openly brag about being pro-White Lives Matter on any talk radio show desperate enough to have him. That’s TOTALLY worthy of accusing people of being pedophiles. Those screencaps still remain though, and given that this is nowhere near a real apology, I wouldn’t be surprised if the lawyers were still called in.

Like I said before Laurence Fox is a waste of all of our time, but he’s also a creep we have to keep talking about because, despite him being super-awful at his new occupation, there are tons of British media types ready to throw a microphone at him to allow him to say whatever he wants without consequence. He’s already on Talk Radio this morning, where Julia Hartley-Brewer refered to him as ‘inimitable.’ It’s funny because Fox is basically doing a cheap imitation of Katie Hopkins, Milo Yiannopolous, Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck, Tiny Larynx, every Daily Mail columnist, and that one tipsy guy on the train who has a lot of opinions about Washington D.C. pizza restaurants. He’s pathetically unoriginal, a copy of a copy of a trite ‘bigot for hire’. Sadly, that’s a pretty popular job right now, because as I previously said, there is nothing less risky in the British press than being a bigot.

Smearing people with the accusation of being a pedophile, however? That might have a lasting impact.

Kayleigh is a features writer and editor for Pajiba. You can follow her on Twitter or listen to her podcast, The Hollywood Read.

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