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Lauren Miller Rogen Reveals She Had a Brain Aneurysm Removed

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | October 13, 2023 |

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | October 13, 2023 |

lauren miller rogen.jpg

Lauren Miller Rogen is arguably best known for three things: her marriage to Seth Rogen, her wildly underrated 2012 comedy For a Good Time, Call…, and her dementia care and research nonprofit, Hilarity for Charity.

Lauren was inspired to form Hilarity for Charity in 2012 because of her family history of dementia. She lost both her grandparents to Alzheimer’s, and her mother, Adele Miller, was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s at age 55. Damn, that’s too young. By age 60, Adele had lost the ability to speak, feed, and dress herself. She passed away in 2020 at age 68.

On Wednesday night, 42-year-old Lauren spoke at the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Visionary Ball. In her speech, Lauren revealed that she’d decided to get a full-body MRI five years ago. She said she wanted “to take a deeper look at anything that could possibly be lurking inside me that would affect my longevity.” Sure enough, doctors discovered a problem:

“They found, of course, this sort of aneurysm in my head,” Lauren shared. “So of course, this was terrifying information, and made me think of my great-grandmother, whose fate I certainly didn’t want to mimic.”

“Fortunately, it was relatively small, and I did what the doctors recommended that I do, which is have annual MRIs [to] track the size,” she continued. “It remained small, until it didn’t.”

In spring 2022, doctors noticed Lauren’s aneurysm was growing. Lauren reached out to UCLA neurosurgeon Dr. Geoffrey Colby, who “answered every single question” she had and made her feel comfortable ahead of the procedure to remove the aneurysm.

Luckily, the procedure was a success! Lauren’s aneurysm is gone. At Wednesday’s event, she joked that she’s “truly thankful that I won’t be dying at this dinner table or any others anytime soon.” That’s a win in my books. Congratulations, Lauren!

Here’s Lauren and Seth talking about brain health and Alzheimer’s (or, as my father calls it, “Old Timers” [it doesn’t matter how many times we correct him, he truly believes that’s the name of the disease]) on a recent episode of Bill Gates’ podcast: