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Kristen Stewart is Directing a New Movie about Gun Control

By Kylie Cheung | Celebrity | January 23, 2017 |

By Kylie Cheung | Celebrity | January 23, 2017 |

Since we’ve elected as our president a man who thinks eliminating gun-free zones would make the world a safer place, while also at some point advancing the idea of guns being allowed in schools and appointing Betsy DeVos, who believes guns are necessary on campus to protect from grizzly bears, it’s worth having a conversation about the need for common sense gun laws. And thanks to Kristen Stewart, we could be having that conversation very soon due to a short film on gun control that Stewart is working on.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Stewart offered plenty of hints that the short film will be a direct response to President Trump. “You don’t have to be a politically involved person to be uber-aware of the fact that very basic humanitarian ideas are being so incredibly trampled on,” Stewart told the Reporter. She also added that her project will “kick ass” and I’m inclined to believe her.

Stewart has never been shy about using her platform and influence for advocacy, and it’s comforting to know she’ll be challenging one of Trump’s most frightening stances, which is promoting and glorifying easy access to firearms. Not only has study after study revealed that more guns seems to always equate more injury and death, regardless if the owner of the firearm is a “good guy,” but women, victims of domestic abuse, and, due to the increasing popularity of school shootings, children, are disproportionately the ones harmed by guns.

The most disturbing fact of all is that often, fatal shootings are performed using guns that are legally purchased often by gunmen with records of violence, domestic abuse, and disturbed behavior, yet gun laws are so lax they’re still able to purchase firearms. It’s ambitious for Stewart to take on such a complicated, uncomfortable issue, and it’s also a risk move under President Trump, who’s already made clear his personal disdain for Stewart. (Evidence in the tweets below).

(The president of the United States, everyone.)

Or, hey, maybe K. Stew could care less about gun control and public safety and just wants to exact revenge on Trump for imploring her ex to dump her 5 years ago? Who knows, really. She’s called his 2012 obsession with her “fucking crazy,” and she’s not wrong.