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Hey Kirstie Alley? It’s Courtney Love. Come Over for ‘Snacks’, Prince Charles is Here

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | August 22, 2018 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | August 22, 2018 |


Kirstie Alley, who according to my mom has the best hair of all time, claimed on Celebrity Big Brother that she once was invited over to Courtney Love’s house and Prince Charles was there—because that’s most definitely a celebrity trio you’d think socialize frequently.

Per US Weekly Alley recently revealed on an episode of Celebrity Big Brother:

“I’m friends with Courtney Love and one time, she asked me to dinner and when I came, ah, what’s his name? Elton John was at dinner and there were only four of us.”

“And then another time, she asked me over for ‘snacks’ and Prince Charles was there,” she added, emphasizing the word snacks.

So many questions, so little brain cells left to ponder them.

First, we have to figure out why Prince Charles would be hanging out with Courtney Love. That was an easy one: Leonard Cohen is Charles’ favorite musician and Love has been known to cover Cohen’s repertoire live.

Clearly, they’re a Cohen fan club of two.

How does Kirstie Alley fit into all of this though?

Nothing really makes sense in this equation. The most logical conclusion is that her Cheers cachet still carries weight, but logic left this situation a long time ago. Let’s go with her Summer School co-star Mark Harmon must have introduced her to Courtney Love at some point, and not dive too deeply into any supporting documentation to verify these claims.

Finally what “snacks” did they have?

That one was too easy. Undoubtedly it was local cheeses, most likely with a side of hard boiled eggs (not seasoned with garlic).

Some Twitter users don’t believe the gospel of Rebecca Howe and are crying party foul on the internet.

Should we consider the possibility that Alley isn’t being 100% truthful? Absolutely not. A world where Courtney Love, Kirstie Alley, and Prince Charles can come together and have snacks in peace is absolutely a world I want to live in. Sure, this anecdote may sound like celebrity mad libs, but at the end of the day, ignorance is bliss when it comes to this one. Let’s all just bask in the idea that the world is wacky enough to bring these three together. Just imagine what they had to talk about that fateful day. Perhaps we’ll never know, or perhaps, if we’re very lucky, Alley will reveal it on a future episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

Until then, please regale us with your favorite unlikely celebrity groupings in the comments and see if you can top the randomness of the trio above.

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