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Kim Basinger's Elle Interview Proves She's Lost Her Damn Mind

By Emily Cutler | Celebrity | June 12, 2015 |

By Emily Cutler | Celebrity | June 12, 2015 |

Kim Basinger has always seemed vaguely, borderline Hollywood crazy. She’s involved with known crazy organization PETA, she bought an entire town and ran it into bankruptcy, and she one time wore this dress:
kim basinger dress.jpg

But I never felt like I had definitive proof. Until her recent Elle interview about her new movie The11th Hour. Basinger sped right past Crazytown Banana Pants, and went Full On Woodley. This is the “Oh, That’s How She Stayed Married To Alec Baldwin For All Those Years” interview. It’s amazing.

She actually makes a couple of salient points before the crazy talk. The 11th Hour (the movie, not the documentary) is about a successful businesswoman going to great, somewhat insane lengths to have a baby. So a lot of her thoughts on women and motherhood actually make sense.

On how women are treated in general:

We are one half of this planet and yet women all over the world are second class citizens. There are many women abused in so many countries. To be a woman today is quite a place to sit.

About women in Hollywood:

But if you really look at it, men are kept as the sacred ones and touted the older they get. It’s always been the old adage that women are put out to pasture the older they get.

And the importance of having more female representation in film:

Life does imitate art many times, and people pick up from the movies. Messages are sent that way. I’d like to see more and more women collaborate on films in which they show great, deep devotion and friendship. It’s important.

All reasonable, right? But then? Go to a store, buy a hat, and get ready to hold the fuck onto it. Because she says this:

[Women] can understand this story. But you also have to come from an irrational place to understand this movie. The director, as he has seen many more screenings than I have, says women really understand this. They understand being irrational. Men don’t. Or, many men don’t.

WHAT? Is she saying that men aren’t irrational? Or that they are at times irrational, but aren’t able to identify with other people behaving irrationally? That women are more often irrational? Or that women can just better understand other people behaving irrationally? I can’t even parse out exactly what she’s trying to say because it’s totally bonkers, but I’m pretty sure it’s vaguely sexist. But maybe I’m just misreading that. Maybe she clarifies:

Evolved men really understand the mind of a woman because it has no gender. It’s just a soul and they can see that.

What gif.gif

OK, so she’s just spouting random nonsense. That doesn’t mean anything. That’s some new- agey, supposed to be spiritual word salad, and can’t inform anyone’s actual opinion on anything. Luckily for us, she opts to take a really revolutionary stand on how women can change the world:

KB: All we have to do is all hold our hands and stand up and say “No.” We can stop having babies, we can stop having sex, everything. And then women will rule the world.

Elle: That’s an interesting solution!

KB: We’d all hold hands and say, “No more.” How about that? That’s it. Women would know their power.

Son of a bitch, Kim, don’t accidentally say that bullshit! THAT ISN’T IN ANY WAY EMPOWERING. Women would know our “power”? Did you just inadvertently suggest that women’s power comes from having sex and babies? And that if only we’d all agree to not have sex anymore then men would have to bow down because god knows they aren’t advanced enough to deal with not having sex? Not only is that not in the spirit of actual feminism (you know, the struggle for equality with men, not domination over them), but it’s also terribly reductive thinking about women. You know how else thinks women’s power all comes from having sex and babies? These assholes:


I have to believe you’re better than that, Kim. Maybe just get out of Hollywood for a while. Find a small town back home in Georgia, refrain from buying it, and rethink a couple of those positions.

Source: Elle

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