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Kanye's Wheelchair Misunderstanding Video, A Digital Autopsy

By Emily Cutler | Celebrity | September 15, 2014 |

By Emily Cutler | Celebrity | September 15, 2014 |

Autopsy Notes: Sydney, Australia. September 13, 2014. Time of Death: 1:24 mark.

0:00 - 0:13 Song ends, crowd cheers, lights come up, Kanye appears to be wearing a polyurethane suit. Everything is as it should be.

0:14 - 0:27 At the 0:27 mark, Kayne makes his first demand that “everybody stand up.” Please note that time is in fact 27 seconds into the 4 minute video.

0:28 - 0:57 Kanye continues to encourage everyone to stand, improvises standard hype man speech. At 0:55, he successfully manages to get two fans to stand.

0:58 - 1:12 In what I would personally and professionally categorize as “overkill,” Kanye continues with his quest to make all of the fans stand. But at the 1:10 mark, he makes a pivotal mistake. When pointing out a sitting fan, Kanye asks “Is he in a wheelchair?” Possibly asked in a rhetorical manner, it clearly indicated Kayne is aware that some of his fans might utilize wheelchairs.

1:13 - 1:23 Perhaps the most crucial seconds of the video, after Kanye asks if his fan is in a wheelchair and not satisfied with the apparent answer of “Yes, I am in a wheelchair,” Kanye announces “OK, we’re going to have to wait then.” Well, Kanye, given the current restrictions on stem cell research and the immense complexity of spinal injuries, I hope you packed a lunch because you’ll be waiting for a while.

1:24 - 1:33 NOOOOO! Kayne, no! When your audience members begin booing a very probably physically impaired fan because of his “unwillingness” to stand for Kanye, you stop it. You do not ask said physically impaired fan what he wants to do. And you do not ask, “You want to stand or do you want them to boo you?” We are now officially past Gaffe-ville and into Insensitive-Asshole-town.

1:34 - 1:53 Oh good, they’re chanting now.

1:54 - 2:24 Kanye points out that there are only two people left, and then stands silently for 30 seconds. At least he’s persistent.

2:25 - 2:28 Yes, Kayne, this is in fact unbelievable. But not for the reasons you believe it is.

2:29 - 2:35 “If he is in a wheelchair, then it’s fine.” His magnanimity is overwhelming. If the fan is physically unable to stand, Kanye will allow him to continue sitting. How quickly can we have Kanye sainted?

2:36 - 4:00 Having confirmed that the two remaining sitting fans are physically impaired and unable to stand, Kanye is contented to continue with his concert. Yes, clearly he was unable to keep his word that “they would just have to wait” until the fans stood, but overall I think it showed an ability to reassess the situation and adapt appropriately. Nice leadership.

Overall conclusions: Fuck you, Kanye.

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