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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Celebrate Their Ninth Anniversary Today. Here’s What to Get Them

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | July 10, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | July 10, 2019 |


Friends, what would we do without, especially in these lean celebrity-news times. Without them, I wouldn’t have been alerted to the fact that today is John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s 9th wedding anniversary.

Now, People being People, they decided to compile a list of cute quotes the couple have made about each other over the years, and if you’re interested, I included the link above. However, when People zigs, I like to zag. Rather than pull some of the sweeter quotes, I think it’s pertinent to put together an emergency gift guide for the couple if you’ve been caught unawares by their anniversary and yet would still like to get them a gift.

First, as we all know, there are ideas tied around wedding anniversaries, and traditional gifts you’re supposed to give each other. Nine years is either the “pottery and willow” anniversary (if you’re traditional) or “leather” if you’re modern.

To that I say, play it safe and get a pottery-willow-leather gift to cover all your bases. You never know if someone will wake up one day and decide they’re now a modern type of person and forget to tell you. I’m not totally sure how these things work, but if soap operas taught me anything (and make no mistake, they actually taught me everything) this is how all people work.

By now you’re probably racking your brain to try to figure out how to get a leather-willow-pottery gift together. Don’t worry, friend; I have you covered.

First, you may think it would be appropriate to go down to your local caricature artist to commission a portrait of yourself and the happy couple riding horses, and then fashion a homemade frame out of leather, willow, and (smashed) pottery bits. I like where your head is at, friend, and that is totally a viable option. After all, it’s a variation on an old classic.

If that’s not an option (caricature artists tend to only work on the weekends in some areas) not to worry, you have other avenues to explore. They include finding a ceramic horse (usually at the local Goodwill, don’t ask me why. I would never donate my ceramic horses) then you can go to your local craft store and buy materials to make it a leather saddle. Then fashion a tiny fence in front of it made out of willow bark, and there you have it.

You could also create a leather-pottery-willow bark horseshoe for them to hang above their door, to bring in good luck. It’s a much more earthquake-friendly option than the traditional metal horseshoe, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate.

Finally, I would recommend a ceramic apple, with a leather overlay, and a willow twig stem, to go in the panorama horse display that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt undoubtedly have in their homes, because we all have those in our homes. It is a known fact that horses love apples and you can never have too many of them lying around for your fake horses on display.

The important takeaway here is that it’s not too late to get an anniversary gift if you put your mind to it, so giddy up, partner!

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