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Jeremy Renner is a Singer Now and Oh God You Just Need To Experience This Yourself

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | June 28, 2019 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | June 28, 2019 |

Jeremy Renner Getty Images 1.jpg

Hey, remember Jeremy Renner? The Oscar nominated actor and first generation Avenger? The one who released his own app? Well, he’s now a singer, apparently. He had previously teased the release of a single by posting a video of himself on social media showing off those pipes.

Twitter responded with a resounding meh, peppered with the occasional ‘sure, why not’ and brief queries over whether he could ever top the majesty of Eddie Murphy’s musical magnum opus, Party All the Time. Also doesn’t that video remind you of Marky Mark coked up and trying to wail You got the Touch in Boogie Nights? Anyhoo, the single is here now.

And for the non-Spotify crowd.

First of all, that title. You say Heaven doesn’t have a name, but it does? You just said it? I know, musical metaphors and all that, but at least I got the point of Heaven is a Place on Earth.

As for the song itself? Huh. It’s very Imagine Dragons with a dash of Bro country. If you’d told me this was originally pitched as a Florida Georgia Line number, I would totally believe you. Renner’s voice is fine, although the production assistance is obvious. Mostly, this feels like something engineered to be a Summer 2019 hit but with none of the energy. Look at that pic of Renner pensively thinking about music and hot ladies in his shiny clean car while some poor intern makes sure the smoke machine is just atmospheric enough. He wants this.

But can it be a hit? Do people take actors deciding to have a music career all that seriously nowadays? Eddie Murphy pulled it off for one album in the ’80s but that was when he was the biggest star on the planet. Then there was The Return of Bruno, Bruce Willis’s attempt to be a blues singer. Yeah, remember that one? Even as a gimmick, can Renner make this happen? And can he get other Avengers in on this? Chris Evans did say he wanted to do a musical.

But still, it’s no Party All the Time.

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